Essay on Scrooge’s Transformation

In the 1800’s there were the rich and the poor. There was no one in the middle. In the Christmas Carol, Scrooge was one of the richer people. Scrooge was a selfish and greedy person. He did not think of anyone but himself. He was so selfish he wouldn’t even let his worker Bob Cratchit go home for Christmas, or give him a raise. Scrooge even hated Christmas. When someone wished him Merry Christmas he would tell them Bah! Humbug!

Because Scrooge was so greedy and selfish, his old dead business partner Marley visited him and told him that he will be visited by three ghosts, Christmas past, Christmas present, and Christmas future. First Christmas past came, and he took Scrooge to his past when his sister came to get him. He also showed when Scrooge gave up his lost love for money. This made Scrooge regret the things that he had did in the past and helped Scrooge remember all the disappointment in his life.

Then Christmas present visited Scrooge. Christmas present took Scrooge to the Bob Cratchit house. At the house they were having Christmas Eve dinner. At dinner they gave a toast to Scrooge, because of this Scrooge was starting to soften. Scrooge then asks Christmas present if Tiny Tim will live, Christmas present then tell Scrooge that the boy will not live if things stay the same. So after about an hour Christmas future come to Scrooge’s room, he takes him to Scrooge’s corps. He also sees that there are very few people at his funeral. At the same time Bob Cratchit is preparing for Tiny Tim’s funeral. Then Christmas future shows Scrooge people that have taken Scrooge’s stuff and are selling them to make money. This makes Scrooge very up set. After they see everything Scrooge gets on his knees and tells Christmas future that he will change and never be a greedy or selfish man.

On Christmas day Scrooge meets a boy named Adam. Scrooge pays Adams to buy the biggest turkey in town. When there is change for the turkey Scrooge gives the rest to Adam. Scrooge tells the man that he is to deliver the turkey to the Cratchit house. Scrooge than meets the two business men that asked him to give money to the poor on Christmas eve. Scrooge then apologises and tells them that he will give a great amount of money to them. Later that day Bob Cratchit goes to work, when he arrived he was told by Scrooge that he will get a raise and that he will get the day off on every Christmas. Scrooge also goes to his nephew’s house to dinner. In the end Tiny Tim lived and Scrooge became a nice and thoughtful person.

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