Personal Statement

Since I my childhood, I have always had the luck of being in an environment to cheer me on and inspire to become an engineer. My toys presented me with a platform to know how they work and I currently look up to my elder brother who is pursuing electrical engineering. I have always had the curiosity of understanding how things work therefore I more than once opened up my toys to know their mechanism or at least see what was within. I, however, do not think curiosity is satisfactory to become an engineer and I stand corrected, but my keen interest and good performance in the core subjects of engineering is also a driving factor. I have always loved and performed way above average in physics and mathematics scoring A and B consistently in Mathematics and Physics respectively throughout 9th and 10th grade (Stevens, O’Connor, Garrison, Jocuns, & Amos, 2008).

I find it intriguing how mathematics and physics can be used to make the world a better place through engineering. This I have been witness to when I participated in a group project to research how acid rain affects standard construction materials. I was able to apply theoretical knowledge to something real, and the results were satisfactory. From this experience, I learned how to work efficiently in a team and coordinate the group’s activities. I have received a certificate for an internship at the Aviation Australia College Riyadh. At 9th and 10th grade I received bronze and silver reach awards in British International School Riyadh. I got Bronze, Silver and Gold awards for sports activities in soccer, volleyball, track, and high jump. I am hoping to receive an award for supervising and contributing for the first multi-gender maker-space in Saudi Arabia in the near future (Stevens,, 2008).

I am diverse and interactive and would make a sound engineer for I realize engineering is one of the toughest fields and I am willing to go through it all and fix glitches and build a way through it all. My passion for mathematics and physics have always armored me to solve problems, and I love to be part of the solution in any way possible, and engineering offers that specific platform. I have proved to be effective in mobilizing people for just this year I was able to create the first multi-gender maker-space where many people will be mobilized to make their ideas into a reality. The other friends and I who were involved in the creation of the maker-space project and I intend to create its website very soon. I have always had a wild mind with ideas streaming, and I rarely let an idea pass without trying it. Most of them were small business ideas obliviously not building rockets or nuclear reactors despite my mega love for mathematics and physics (Stevens,, 2008).

I always tried my best to see to it that my ideas worked out and at one time I made two hundred dollars off a YouTube channel I had opened, but I sure needed lessons on spending. Despite the poorly planned expenditures of a thirteen-year-old boy, I think it is still intriguing that I had at least made my idea work. I intend to work hand in hand will everyone necessary to make it as an engineer and put my ideas to test to better humanity by making improvements and innovations in technology as it stands as a leading influence on our everyday living (Stevens,, 2008).

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