Sexism in Our Culture

Sexism was a big deal long ago. Am I saying sexism does not exist? Of course not. It always will in some way. I am not to argue the cause of accepting it, but in the current situation people are just willing to argue for what they are biased for, people need to realize sexism is not on the level it is said to be, we have bigger problems in our society that we need to be more concerned about than sexism.

¨In high school basketball, the girls’ ball is 1 inch smaller in circumference and 2 ounces lighter than the boys¨ (Rose). Argues Linda B. in her article ¨Gender and politics experts examine sexism¨, her point makes sense if you ask a girl athlete about how much attention her sport gets, she will disagree with the fact that they get any attention at all, in compared to men sport. But the fact that women lack sufficient testosterone to grow muscles as large as men’s which I learned in my Biology class, is never used as a counter-argument. Men use their larger muscles to punch harder in boxing, maintain difficult holds in wrestling, shoot or throw a ball farther, have more endurance and block 300-pound lineman in football. In addition, that women sports have only lately started That’s the reason why men sports might be more intense than that of women, grabbing more attention and spectators, which explains why men athlete are paid more.

As for sexism in Work field, gender pay gap had everyone fired, but an article I read called “The equal pay day myth” does a great job in explaining this issue. While a lot feminist will argue that women are forced into lower paying jobs, most women will verify that they want specific factors in a job. ¨Most women want jobs with fewer risks, more comfortable conditions, regular hours, more personal fulfillment and greater flexibility.”(Lukas). Also let’s not forget about working mothers who play a big role in this aspect , a lot of mothers are willing to trade pay for hour flexibility, and are less likely to travel or move for a job. In the other hand “men are willing take jobs that involve physical labor, outdoor work, overnight shifts and dangerous conditions¨ (Lukas). Even those who have children tend to work more time in order to bring food for the family. Remember I said most women but not all, still that’s enough to make large effect on statistics which affects how much women get paid. A big motive to business to pay men more might also be that in both standardized tests the ACT and SAT, girls are still a few points behind boys in math and science.

Finally as for sexism in media. The fact that Sexism in Media have witness a big rise in the modern time is undeniable, The lyrics,videos, and other aspects of rap music does victimize and support the idea of women being treated like object. But let’s not forget that the women referred to in those rap songs are women that expose themselves into being treated that way in order to achieve the fame and lifestyle of those rappers, leading to those rappers thinking that all women are like them. Victimization of women is not right, but not just because a specific group of people do it means that it exists in the same way in rest of the society. But as for being treated as an object, that can be avoided. If a woman acts with no morals and values and instead expose herself and body to other, she’s more in a risk of being used as an object as to those women who act morally and are more careful with relationships. Always Remember; money, gold, and diamonds are valuable, why? Because they’re hard to get. When you make yourself and your body valuable you will for sure avoid being used as an object.

In conclusion, Sexism, racism, and a lot of other isms will continue to exist. We’re worrying too much about what we personally experience, and we forgot about the real deal here,being prejudice; the cultural and social assumptions that are ingrained in our American society that have always made us think and act a certain way. It is the reason why when we see an African Americans with saggy pants we assume they’re criminals. It is the reason why people with accents are believed to lack an awareness of American culture, It is the reason why Hillary clinton was not voted president and was said to be too emotional to handle the role of a president. Being prejudice is the reason why people in this room are not willing to accept each other. The first step of solving a problem is realizing that there’s one, instead of focusing too much on sexism, let’s just stop judging people by what they are and instead judge them by who they are, when we learn how to accept each others then all the other pieces will fall in place.

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