School Uniforms Are a Good Idea

I heard that you have been wondering if you should make your school require school uniforms or not, so here are some details that may help you decide?! I will help you with wether if school uniforms should be required or not. Students should be required to wear school uniforms because helps your child’s behavior, helps you get ready for school & faster, and it makes students focus more and not get distracted on others style (nobody gets bullied on what the other person wears).

My first opinion is, it can help your child’s behavior. Wearing school uniforms could help your child’s behavior because nobody would bully others on what the other person wears, or the peer pressures of dressing the best, especially when students may not have name brand or top expensive clothes. In the school district data the number of things happening decreased across the country, also others have stated the amount of decreasing going on in the district. Also, your child would spend more time learning at school and not focusing on other’s styles, more on their schoolwork.

Another way it could help is that school uniforms make people get ready for school easier and faster. One reason it would help you get ready faster is if the child doesn’t have to worry about whether something matches or not. Another reason is there would be no time wasted on picking through all the choices that would be in your closet. The last reason is it can improve punctuality. It can improve punctuality because you may have time to do extra stuff in the morning or maybe even sleep in if you already know what you are wearing for the school week.

My last reason why school uniforms should be required for all schools is to make students focus more and not get distracted by their friends or classmates style. The reason why school uniforms are sometimes compulsory is that some students in lower classes, middle classes, upper classes can not afford name brand clothes and can only afford to get basic clothes such as school uniforms.

However, the rich student wears mainly expensive clothes for school and it could distract the other who aren’t able to buy the same clothes as the rich kids could, a school is a place where we come to study and work your hardest to succeed, not to show off if you are able to get name brand clothes. Also, wearing equal/ the same clothes and having the same style would bring a bond that allows the students to feel closer. They also could bring pride to the school if there was no situation of bullying of others style. This would allow students when they have similar expectations for dressing and would lose the feeling of unhealthiness about how you look, just know you can still stand out because of character, not clothes.

Oppositions argue that school uniforms should not be required. One reason why they think this is because students aren’t able to express themselves by wearing what they want. However, the opposition’s position is weak because I wouldn’t want my child or other people’s children to be bullied because of something they wear. Also, because not everybody can afford all the top name brand clothes.

In conclusion, as you can see, in my opinion, I think all schools should be required to have school uniform because it can help your child’s behavior, it helps you get ready for school & its faster, and it makes students focus more and not get distracted on others style (nobody gets bullied on what the other person wears). School uniforms do help those sorts of things and help you also decide whether or not you would want to have your school require school uniforms. I hope I answered all your reasoning about whether your schools and districts should require school uniforms.