The Idea of Restricting Child Labor

Good afternoon everyone, my name is Joseph Michael and I would all like you to remember something formative from your childhood, some good times that you had. Now imagine if those good times and interactions never happened because instead of having the chance to grow up you were forced to spend the years in which you learned the most in a dangerous factory to support your family. The topic that I am going to be discussing is child labor. I am able to discuss this topic because of the research that I did to prepare for this speech, my explanatory speech, as well as my human rights class in high school. There are basically three reasons why I feel that child labor needs to end. The types of labor can go from to working in a processing plant, to being utilized for military purposes, to being mishandled and abused to the benefit of others; despite the fact that these kids are being forced to work in order to help their families make a living, they are hurt and are worked to death. My second reason behind why I feel that child labor needs to be end is on the grounds that in most cases work places are awful and unclean, causing the kid’s wellbeing to fall apart. The third reason behind ending child labor is on the grounds that I feel that the kids don’t get the chance to grow up as kids and having the advantages that kids have. My last point is that even though most people agree that something needs to be done about child labor many people don’t do anything to change it.

I think that the fundamental reason ending child labor would be its severity. Not many individuals really understand how often that child labor happens. A huge number of kids each day are constrained into the harshness of child labor. Of equivalent significance, kids are exposed to difficult jobs that can hurt them, for example, trash pickup, military work, mining and industrial work; others are constrained into production line work, while still others are constrained into military purposes. While some may gain a small amount of cash for their families, most are exposed to the unforgiving truth of practically no compensation.

My second motivation behind why I feel that child labor needs to be avoided would be that they are exposed to disgusting and unkept workspaces that can weaken their health. Most have rotted teeth from not having enough money to even consider buying a tooth brush, many live in unforgiving conditions that are detrimental to their development. In jobs like mining and factory work kids are forced to spend the day in covered areas which means that they scarcely are outside during the day and are deprived on sunlight. Another problem conditions like this haves that dust and dirt get into their airway and give the kids future lung problems. Kids often leave their jobs messy and covered in dirt and they go home with no way to clean up keeping them dirty for way too long.

My third reason behind why I feel child labor needs to end is on the grounds that the kids exposed to child labor don’t get the chance to live as kids. They are forced to work in unforgiving conditions constantly and they never get the opportunity to have the advantages of being a kid. Yes, they do get to play with their messed up and broken toys they pick up off of the street or out of the trash; notwithstanding, they never get the chance to live joyful life that kids can have.

Now to my last point, we don’t do enough to stop child labor. In some ways many of us indirectly promote child labor. Many of us like to go shopping at our favorite stores for our favorite brands of clothes, however many of those brands use child labor in the process of making their products. It isn’t just small obscure brands either, even the large well known brands like Nike have been found guilty of using child labor. What we can do as people is to make a point of only buying clothes that are guaranteed to not use child labor in the process and if enough of us do it then maybe the other brands will get the message.

Since we have analyzed why child labor needs to end, attempt to go against it. Think about it, if everybody made it one of their goals to help end child labor it would take long to put a stop to it. But just the idea of restricting child labor doesn’t fix anything. Attempt to take action in boycotting child labor.

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