Personal Weaknesses Essay

Throughout the quarter I have exhibited weaknesses and strengths that are portrayed through the work that I turn in. Based on my experiences in quarter one, I will attempt to advance upon my weaknesses and build upon my strengths. Quarter one has taught me how to improve on assignments and learn from my mistakes. My main weaknesses and strengths in quarter one are time management and problem-solving.

Time management is one of my greatest weaknesses in quarter one, it impacted the quality of work that I turned in and made me fall behind in class. For example, when I waited last minute to do my SAT vocabulary sheet affected the grade that I got on it because it caused me to forget many key elements to the assignment. By procrastinating on this assignment, it affected my grades in the class adversely and also had a great impact on my other classes. Having poor time management skills causes the quality of my assignments to go down causing me to miss important opportunities to improve my grades.

Having poor time management skills can greatly impact the quality of all the work I turn and has a negative impact on my grade in the class overall. Likewise, time management as my weakness caused me to fall behind on other assignments, not only for this class. For example, time management was a big problem because it caused me to procrastinate on my annotations and I could not correctly manage to complete everything else just because I procrastinated on this assignment. If I procrastinate on one assignment, it can mess-up my punctuality and lead to stress to finish the assignment.

Getting one bad grade because of procrastination can lead to getting multiple bad grades because once I procrastinate it can mess up my whole schedule of when to do other assignments. Poor time management skills create a difficulty in apprehending my priorities of what to complete first and this leads to many other negative factors. It is quite evident that time management is my biggest weakness, it impacts the quality of my work and makes me fall behind in class.

In addition to time management as my weakness, I have the strength of problem-solving, which can help me put more effort into my work and helps me choose the best strategy. For example, while doing my first essay for this class I was unsure on how to format the essay. I was eventually able to figure out what to do by reading the format once again/reading the grammar rules that were provided and contacting my teacher for help on the specifics. I was unsure of what to do, but I solved the problem by asking questions and using other resources to help me format my essay properly. Problem-solving can impact my inquisitiveness because it helps me ask questions on what and how to do something. Problem-solving is a crucial strength that had a positive impact on my grades in the first quarter. Similarly, problem-solving can help me choose the best strategy.

For instance, as I was working on my annotations, I was unsure of the literary terms, so I decided to seek help and go to tutoring. After, considering and evaluating my other options I found this one to be the best because I would be able to take initiative and learn from my experiences. Choosing the best strategy, helped me persevere by finishing the assignment and getting a higher grade on it. Problem-solving taught me how to get through not understanding something because it helped me make the choice of what to do to solve the problem of not understanding a certain concept. Therefore, problem-solving is an important strength, it helps me put effort into my work and helps me choose the best strategy.

Throughout the quarter, my biggest weakness was time management and my greatest strength was problem-solving. Although time management was my biggest weakness, I believe that I can still overcome it by creating a schedule of when to do everything. I can also overcome my weakness by not procrastinating on assignments and by prioritizing which assignments that I should do first. Along with that, I can maintain my strengths of problem-solving by evaluating out my options to see which one the best is. I can continue to ask a multitude of questions and refer to other sources such as handouts to help solve my problem. Overall, I can improve my weakness of time-management and strength of problem-solving as long as I persevere and make changes throughout the year to help get rid of these bad habits.

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