Making Billions while Changing the World

You may know Bill Gates as the person who created Microsoft, but he has also changed the world in many different ways. Gates had a rough time starting his business, but now is one of the wealthiest people in the world. Gates spends his time giving back to the community and helping study multiple ways to help the world. He has put in a lot of hard work and dedication to get where he is today. Bill Gates may be making billions of dollars, but he is also changing the world from creating one of the most successful computer software systems to donating a lot of money for research.

To begin with, William Henry Gates III, known as Bill Gates, was born on October 28, 1955. “Gates strived for greatness at a very young age and was introduced to computers around his teenage years” ( Editors). Gates was very intelligent from a young age which was a plus in life later on. Gates was also a mommas boy when he was growing up. Gates’ parents decided to send him to a private school after he seemed bored at his actual school. Gates met his business partner during high school, they both realized that they both wanted to start a business of their own. After high school Gates attended Harvard. “Gates Dropped out of college to work more on computers” ( Editors). While going to Harvard he dropped out to work more with his business partner on their company. They both strived to achieve their dream and did not think that their business would be as popular as it is now. Their business is now known as Microsoft. Microsoft is one of the ways Bill Gates has changed the world.

Furthermore, many people know Bill Gates as the person who created the world’s largest computer software business. “In 1975, Gates and his business partner, Allen, formed Micro-soft (they Dropped the hyphen within a year). Their first product was BASIC software that ran on the Altair computer. Now most(90%) of the Computers used today use the system created by microsoft” (Alison). Gates did not know how successful Microsoft was going to turn out when they started and invented their first product. Gates is now known as one of the most successful people in the world. Like other businesses that first started out they had a rough start to their business. Continuing with the troubles Gates faced when he first started out, their company had faced many lawsuits. “The lawsuits varied from the deals that were unfair with computer manufacturers who installed the windows system” ( Editors). Again this says that even the most successful people we know struggled at first to get where they are now. Now most of the computer systems we use today are from Microsoft. Gates enjoyed his job and said that he has enjoyed his time working at Microsoft. Gates worked at Microsoft until he resigned to work more on his charity work to give back.

Not only did Gates want to give back, but Gates went on to make his own charity foundation to raise money for different causes. “Gates and his wife created the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation. This foundation strived to support education, world health,and investment in low-income communities around the world” ( Editors). Gates and his wife show that they do not care how much money they make, they care about the world’s problems. They are making a big difference around the world with their foundation and helping a lot of people at the same time. Their foundation spends tons of money for research and helping communities with all kinds of problems they are having from health to education. “The foundation that Gates and his wife started, they strive to try and solve the problems that the world is facing ” (Landivar). They put their hard work and dedication into their work and only want the best for the people who are facing all kinds of problems around the world. They help with keeping the people they help feel safe and try all they can do to help them with their troubles they are having. Bill and Melinda Gates want to help and solve the world’s problems with their foundation, but their main focus of their foundation is education.

Additionally, Gates and his wife feel that education is the most important part of the foundation. “Gates and his wife spend money for education because they want to help with the great difference in achievement” (Hess). Gates and his wife want to help out with education the most, because they see how important getting an education really is. They want to help kids that are not as fortunate get a better education, so they have more opportunities later in life. Gates is looking for a way he could make education better. He realized that many students who wanted to go to college could not because they could not afford it even though they really wanted to move on with their education. “Gates started off with putting common core in schools” (Gates). The common core was made to help better education. Gates and his wife wanted students to get a better education, so they introduced a new way of learning. The common core would help the kids get a better education while in high school and open more opportunities for the kids after they graduate. Education is one of the most important parts of the foundation, but they also help with global health initiatives.

For example, the foundation Gates and his wife made also focuses on global health initiatives. “ The foundation made an organization to help buy vaccines to support low-income countries as they deliver them to children” (Gates). Gates and his wife show us that by raising money for global health that they see that poor countries are in need of better health. People are dying from things that are treatable and the foundation can help with this. Gates wants to help countries that cannot help themselves and raise money for them to get the basic supplies to get them in better condition. He shows that he understands that they cannot support themselves with getting health care, so he is helping them get it. They are working to prevent any diseases from happening so they are making treatments to help. While Gates is helping with global health, he is also helping change the world with climate.

In addition, Gates feels that he can help the world with one simple thing that most people do not think about. “Gates found that it was important for everyone to have electricity and it would make them healthier, but he wanted to find a way for everyone in the world to have electricity and not mess up climate change” (Gates). Gates wants to help everyone he can and he knows certain things he can get around to make sure everyone is healthy. Gates cares for the world’s health and the world itself. He tries his best to do all he can to help out the less fortunate people in the world, so he can give back to the world. “Gates donates to help humans to adapt to climate change that is already happening” (Hess). He knows that climate change is going to happen no matter what and he cannot fix that, but he can prepare the world for what is to come. He can brace the world off of his knowledge and research that he has done. Gates helps everyone to plan for what is to come later in life if we keep living the way we do now. Other than Gates providing the world for climate change he has also changed the world by giving pledge.

Next, Gates has changed the world by giving pledge. “Giving pledge also involves how Bill and Melinda Gates help with the world’s health problems. Gates sees how people are suffering from diseases that are treatable” (“Why we are swinging for the fences”) They both want to give back the much they can to help out the world. Helping the world with their problems and “repaying” the world is the aim for them giving pledge. Gates has tons of awards for how he changed the world. Some of the awards he received are “Time Magazine named him one of the most influential people in the 20th century and the magazine named him and his wife Melinda person of the year in 2005. He holds several honorary knight doctorates from universities around the world” ( Editors). Gates has changed the world in many different ways and he is bettering the world. Him and his wife are helping people get what they need from medical reasons to education to the countries that do not have enough to provide for themselves.

In conclusion, Bill Gates is not just making billions of dollars, but he is changing the world for the better. Gates has changed the world in many different ways from bettering education to health initiatives. Gates is providing more opportunities for education and health around the world. Gates just wants to improve the world as much as he can, so he donates money to help for research and other charities to help raise money for the problems that people are having around the world. So, the next time you are using Microsoft and you think about who created it must be making billions, even though he is making, think about all he is doing to give back to the world. Gates making billions means nothing to him when he is changing the world with his money.

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