Bill Gates’ Background and Journey

Making money is not for everyone to accomplish, but in Bill Gates case it was simple to achieve. Bill Gates is the founder of the world’s largest software business, Microsoft Windows. Bill Gates was born in Seattle Washington on October 28, 1955. Gates was born in a middle class family, with his sister, Kristianne, younger sister Libby and his two educated parents, William H. Gates Sr. and Mary Maxwell. Bill attended Harvard but shortly after dropped out and moved because he knew college was not enough to get him to where he wanted to be. His decision then led him to move to New Mexico, where he started his first small business, Microsoft. From there, he and his business slowly progressed to becoming the billionaire company it is today with the help of the following traits of S.O.A.R, which include being a seeker, outstanding citizen, achiever and being a responsible individual.

In the beginning of his path to success, Bill Gates communicated his thoughts in a computer lab. He often found himself on a computer rather than in his college classes. His parents also noticed his special ability as young boy. In an article it stated ¨ Bill Gates became entranced with what a computer could do and spent much of his free time working on the terminal¨, (Biography1). This indicated he was learning how to work on his skills at a early age. Bill Gates´ love for education was phenomenal especially in science, drama, mathematics and computer lab as was stated in an article ¨He blossomed in nearly all his subjects, excelling in math and science, but also doing very well in drama and English.¨ (Biography2). This led Gates to becoming good at creating programs people admired and needed.

In addition, as Bill Gates business grew so did his financial status, he was known as an outstanding citizen because of how much money he donated to charities each year. On a site it stated ¨Gates’ recent donation brings his total number of gifts to charitable donations to $50 billion¨ (JenniferCalfas1). Not to mention how much more he donates to businesses in need. Bill Gates continues to give back and is happy to do so, as was stated in an article ¨In return, as a leader, he receives happiness by knowing he is providing benefits that can create the leaders of the future who will then shape the planet for those generations to come.¨(JenniferCalfas2). This meant he enjoys giving back and changing the world one step at a time so the next generation would have a chance to learn faster and excel in life.

Eventually, Gates knew he would later become one of the most known software architects and with that mindset he perceived he was going to become a high achiever. In 1992 he won the ¨National Medal of Technology and Innovation¨ as well as many more influential medals. He started to become noticed when he launched Windows 95. In the evidence found it states ¨It powered business servers, mobile phones, PDAs, cash machines, retail displays, set-top boxes and old Sega Dreamcast consoles. Windows is everywhere. Windows 95 was arguably the game-changer.¨ (DeanEvens2). Meaning he had created something so modern in that time, which would lead him to making money every time someone used his program. ¨Bill Gates became the richest man on the planet at the age of 39¨(DeanEvens4). He never settled for anything less other than to make a impressive title to be known as a ¨genius¨ for the rest of his life.

Another aspect that Bill Gates continues to show is his responsibility and commitment to his job. ¨Fueled by his passion, he spent years working from his garage, developing coding and programming, and learning how to create a solution with global reach.¨ (JohnRampton1). Having the significance of making his program work at a superior quality to not lead to a disastrous outcome. Bill Gates also has a partner, Paul Allen who was very much a part of his success. Gates took it upon himself to be responsible for acknowledging Paul and giving Paul his share of fortune. Gates main responsibility was to satisfy his customers with what he invented.

In conclusion, this was the background and journey that Bill Gates went through to make his small idea into a life changing modernization. Having all the qualities of S.O.A.R that were mentioned are important to becoming an influencer because without them, it would not make him a leader. Bill Gates has also accomplished many other titles, as he continues to invest money to make his name remembered for an eternity. Mr. Gates will forever be known as an intellectual leader.

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