Bill Gates as Motivation and Inspiration

In life, we are inspired and motivated in diverse ways and by different people, who make an impact on us in whatever we decide to undertake. Personally, I have been greatly inspired and motivated by Bill Gates in my pursuit for a higher level of education. Bill Gates’ life and the achievements he has made therein, forms a greater inspiring and motivating factor in my pursuit for skills and knowledge at an institution for higher learning. I believe that Bill Gates is such an inspiring leader to emulate. As a student, I seek to acquire knowledge and skills that are relevant to both meeting my dreams and desires and meeting the societal needs and demands of this world we live in. These factors require one to have a mentor or hero from whom he or she would learn how to contribute effectively to society by either learning from them directly or seeing and understanding how they have operated. Daily, we strive towards making the world better for posterity and in so doing, we need others to show us and lead the way. Owing to such needs, I have found inspiration and motivation from Bill Gates in a plethora of ways and he is held in the utmost regards to me.

Bill Gates and his colleague Paul Allen ventured into entrepreneurship through developing Microsoft. The Microsoft software they founded and developed has since greatly transformed the society in the world of technology. From here, I am inspired and motivated by the aggressiveness and innovative culture the duo had in coming up with such a milestone of a technological innovation. Of interest to me and a greater inspiring factor in my pursuit for higher education is that this happened at the tenure when Bill Gates was at the stage of higher education. Seeing what my idol has accomplished not even after but during his pursuit of higher education truly motivates me and gives me the belief that I am capable of achieving great things as well. Through the development of Microsoft software and its operation since its inception, I get to learn a characteristic of high skilled, tactical and very keen business strategy employed by its developers one of whom is Bill Gates. Another fundamental and inspiring factor is the leadership skills portrayed by Bill Gates Business especially in managing Microsoft, which is arguably the largest software company worldwide. This is the company that made Bill Gates one of the richest people worldwide at quite an early age. Personally, such admirable qualities and achievements inspire and motivate me as I fervently pursue my higher education. I will certainly remain focused to ensure that I can also in one day make such a tremendous contribution to society through my education.

Achievements and accolades are not all that inspire me. I am also inspired and motivated by Bill Gates through his decision to venture into philanthropic work. After working in the Microsoft software business for some time, Bill Gates established a foundation called William H. Gates Foundation with the help of his wife Melinda. Through this foundation, Bill Gates sought to give back to society by supporting education, world health, and assisting the vulnerable communities from the wealth he had acquired from his business. Such actions I was able to see as so commendable due to the reasoning that in all my experiences and from things I have seen plenty of wealthy people are not known to give back other than when it benefits them such as for tax cuts. Bill Gates and his wife Melinda are not one of those people. Later on, the duo established yet another foundation named the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, a charity organization aimed at serving the people in ways like enhancing healthcare and reducing heavy poverty. In so doing, Bill Gates stepped down from the daily Microsoft business operations to allow him to focus on the charitable work. The honorable character I draw from Bill Gates herein is a person who is passionate about the welfare of the people, such is a great inspiration and motivation as I pursue my education. So much so that he stepped down from man more billions of dollars to focus his efforts on helping people instead of worrying only about himself. Selflessness I hold in high regard and Bill Gates can surely be described as selfless. The charitable work carried out through this foundation has helped and impacted the society immeasurably. Its seriousness is depicted clearly in that Bill Gates had to step down from the Microsoft software business as its chairman in order to focus on the founded charitable work of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. It cannot be expressed enough how serious of an act that is. I am inspired by this move made by Bill Gates as it shows a person who is altruistic and more than willing to help the society. This motivates my pursuit for higher education as I look forward to giving back to the society and influencing positively into the lives of those around me and beyond. Through education in the higher institution of learning, I would acquire knowledge and skills that are important in realizing one of my many dreams and goals of giving back to society. Moreover, I am inspired to become a philanthropist just like Bill Gates. With the full realization that knowledge and skills are fundamental to any successful and sustainable development, I am motivated to strive further in the pursuit for higher education.

Furthermore, I am inspired and motivated by the kind of devotion and dedication that Bill Gates shows in whatever he indulges in. I was always told that if something has your name attached to it then it better be the absolute best you could’ve done for that said something. You are either all in or you are not in at all. The most remarkable events of his life in the business and charity work are depicted in how he transitioned into fully focusing on charity work away from the business. From the time of establishment of the family charity organization, Bill Gates went through tough decision making as he had to give up some of the duties from the Microsoft business. Bill Gates vested more interest and spent much of his time in the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation instead of interest in earning money. This course was worth for the betterment of the organization and proved to be the right move both for him and the world that needed him to do so. There is no greater inspiration for me than Bill Gates. In my pursuit for higher education, his honorable and altruistic qualities motivate me to work hard towards achieving excellence to better myself, my family, and this world. I made a promise to myself that I would achieve this and I never go back on my word. I will better everything around me for the sake of my family and the future of this world.

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