Kidnapping Research Bibliography

Kidnapping happened all over the world with adults with in the age of 30 or younger will abduction younger than the age of 16 for child sex trafficking or be holding them hostages. With people taking boys and girl for sex trafficing is because of the kids being lesbains , gay , or them just wanting someone to give them food, clothing , a shelter , or also because they want to have that type a relationship with someone because they can not get it where they are. But some people will go into child sex trafficking because of the kids but what is mostly girls will go into the “program” of the people not having any place to live , not having food nor a shelter because of adolescent getting into foster care or not having a good life and just need money.

Also people will abduction kids to hold them as hostages to be able to sexually and physical abuse like raping, touching, hurting, and or killing them. With some abduction , the abduction will most likely happen when the family is sleep or when the family is not home; but it is rarely that the abduct will occur when the family is home but dead or just knock out. Also the kids will most likely be found alive , dead , and some parts of the body. And finally with most abduction the kids are not found around the 1-13 years or months and that is rather they are dead or alive. In my topic i will be explaining how adolescent will be abducted for child sex trafficking and people to take innocent kids from family to hold them hostage and to do the cruelty stuff to them ; like rape and ot phyical or sexuals assult or harrassment.

I will be arguing that some girls are not realizing that they are being put into sex trafficking because of them being kidnapped or because they are putting himself into sex trafficking. Also that most kidnappers will take adolescent but mostly girls at the age at 13 or younger to do the impossible things to do a kid but they rarely boys but when they do they will hurt them or kill them.

During this research i have set out to figure out how kidnapping adolescent lead to kids being killed, sexual or physical abuse or harass, and even being part of the sex trafficking industry. In my introduction I set out to give information about kidnapping child sex trafficking because nobody will like to experience this especially at such a young age. The annotated bibliography will support my argument and my research because due to the different database journals about child sex trafficking and about kid being kidnap at a such age.

Hoback, Jane Children: Not for Sale Child Welfare

In this article it talks about how different countries in the united states have a big population of people who are in the sex trafficking world and who are controlling it. It also explains how some victims life ended up being in that type of lifestyle during their teens years because due to them being lost in some way because they don’t know how to survive , the religion or ethnicity that they are apart of and also becaus eof there sexuallallity of them being gay or lesbians. Also how any big events to the little events in that country will be the most biggest day(s) for sex trafficking. As its states in the text, “ Children are bought and sold for sex in big cities and at the trucks stop, in small rural communties and subarn strips mall, in upper -middle- class countries and at major sporting events like the Super Bowl ”( Hoback 25 ). Addition to the one of the country being the place for sex trafficking in Minnesota due to them being the one out of 13 US areas of metro with the highest average wage rate of child position. As in the text states,” … Minnesota estimated that more than 200 girls are sold for sex an average of five times a day … Native American girls are at greater risk than any other racial or ethnic group”( Hoback 27 ). Over all in this article has been explained that with more the dangerous the rates are for sex trafficking in MInnesota the danger the different types of race an culture will be in bad condition.

Dirty Little Secret Ebony, 2014

This second article will talk about two girl named Shayna and Sharon Safford it talks about her life; but she thought she was going to have a regular teen job wit her friend until the day that she had fought out what she was really going to be her job once the “ owner ” brought him to her a the age of 14 and she has been that part of life for 3 years. Sharon now 39 has lived a hard life and has been a victim of sex trafficking. Another country that is known for the biggest rates of child trafficking is Atlanta where 40 percent of colored skin are sex trafficking victims and to a point where the closest person who known for a long time want to a sex with you. In the article it states, “ … believes that the true criminal responsible for luring these Black girls are usually much closer … it’s the people in your ‘hood- that older men whose known you and your cousins, and now he’s wanting to have sex with you ”.

Also that the girls who have the most toughest life will most likely end up in child prostitute. In the text it states, “ … tumultuous foster care system, she survived a decade on her own after her mother kicked her out when she was in eighth grade … blames the people in her housing project for aiding in a culture of exploitation by staying silent when they knew that grown men were approaching her for sex’’. In the article it was able to explain the challenges people go through in life to end up to be part of something that they want to do or be apart of.