Causes of the Second World War 

The second world war is one of the biggest wars in modern history in which many events caused the infamous war. World war 2 started on September 1st, 1939 when Britain and France declared war on Germany. Germany broke the treaty of Versailles which lead to the war being declared. The league of nations also was one of the major causes of the war. Germany’s self-proclaimed chancellor at the time was Hitler which lead to the treaty of Versailles being broken. Also the alliances being made were troubling to other countries. World war two has many causes that shaped the war to be.

The Treaty of Versailles was very hard on Germany which made it on of the major causes of the war. The treaty of Versailles took place on June 28, 1919, and is what ended the first world war. The treaty was very harsh and in a sort unfair to Germany which made them very angered toward the allied powers. The conditions of the treaty were that Germany should accept blame for world war one and pay about 33 billion dollars in reparations. Also with the treaty, Germany was allowed to have only a small army and a couple of naval ships. They were not allowed to have any tanks, airforce or submarines. The land was removed and remilitarized from Germany also which was called the Territorial clause. The Treaty of Versailles might have been the biggest start to world war 2.

Adolf Hitler was one of the most important causes of the start of World War 2. Adolf Hitler became the self-proclaimed “chancellor” of Germany in January 1933. After becoming the chancellor of Germany he started reassembling the german army. Remaking the german army was against the Treaty of Versailles which was called Disarmament. Germany started rebuilding multiple things like Warships and an air force. Doing this broke the agreement of the treaty of Versailles which then sparked World War 2 to start.

In 1939, Hitler made 2 very influential and powerful alliances that was one of the causing factors of ww2. The first alliance was the Rome Berlin axis and it allied Germany and Italy. This agreement was made by Italy’s foreign minister Galeazzo Ciano which put the countries together. The second of the two allies was japan and the pact was called the Anti-Comintern pact. The making of these alliances forced the beginning of world war two.

After World War one the league of nations was formed yet Germany and Russia were not allowed to join. The fear of communism was the reason that Russia was held out of the league of nations. Germany was not allowed to join the league as a punishment for starting the first world war. This again was thought to be unfair in Germany’s eyes which made them hate the allied powers even more. The league of nations only more enraged Germany to become the cause of World War 2.

The League of Nations was never able to be assembled easily. The league only met four times a year which made it hard to discuss things because everyone had to be there all at once.

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