Complex Events of World War II

When I was thinking about doing the book review, I was torn between D-Day and the moon landing. Both incidents are Iconic American resilience, leadership, and tactics. I eventually chose the D-day for my paper because doomsday could be traced as one of the most significant events that turned the tide in favor of the allied powers. Dooms Day was not only one of the most prolific events in American history, but it is also one of the most significant incidents in modern world history. Who is the author? What else has his/her written? Is the author qualified to write about the subject? The book I choose for this paper assignment is ‘D-Day, The Invasion Of Normandy,1944’ written by Rick Atkinson. Mr. Atkinson is a very qualified historian and an experienced journalist who was once on the staff of Washington times. Mr. Atkinson has Rick is a career writer who has written multiple books about history and historical events. Rick’s work in history eventually led to him winning prestigious Pulitzer Prize.

‘D-Day, The Invasion Of Normandy,1944’ is also adapted from the ‘The guns at last night’ also written by Mr. Atkinson. Mr. Atkinson has written multiple books about military history. Here is a list of few of Atkinson’s famous book’s In the Company of the Soldiers.  Is it written in first or third person? Is it chronological? Anything else you notice about the style of the author? Is it written in first or third person? Is it chronological? Anything else you notice about the style of the author? Author Rick Atkinson wrote this book as an oversimplified version for teen readers. In the 224 page book, Rick Atkinson wrote this book in the third person and in a chronological order of the events. As intended the book is pretty easy to understand and does justice to the complicated events of world war 2. Author Atkinson does a great job in setting the narrative and explaining the complication of world war 2. The book is very illustrative and contains a lot of pictures and maps to keep young readers engaged.

The author does a good job of maintaining the storyline short and thrilling. Storyline builds up quickly as we approach the date of June 5th. Is it generally a positive, negative, or even-handed view of the subject? Sometimes an author may have an agenda in writing the piece (i.e., they are a friend of the subject—positive view; or, conversely, they are an enemy—negative view) Include examples. Atkinson kept the material positive throughout the book. In the book, the author does a good job of summarising the events of that had led the world war 2. Atkinson stays neutral while explaining the complexities faced by allied forces in Normandy. Personally, I like the in-depth details of meetings held by leaders of allied forces and the complexities faced by an allied army not only on the beaches of Normandy but also the challenges faced in the campaign. I think the author did a good job of maintaining neutrality throughout the book. The author did not glorify the momentum gained by allied forces neither did he vilify the action of Nazi hierarchy.

For example here is a quote from Hitler in his letter to Lucie Marie while wishing her happy birthday Hitler writes ‘The enemy would have a rough time of it when he attacks and ultimately would achieve no success.’ Staying true to his ego Hitler states ‘Once defeated, the enemy will never invade again.’ Personally, that portrays a different image of Hitler to me. Even though I do not agree with any of the ideologies that Hitler stood for it shows that Hitler did care about his wife and tried to do what he can to win the war. The author also does a good job of showing the devastation and loss of human life suffered by both sides during the war. Give a brief synopsis of the main points of the book— where the important parts of the subject’s life dealt with completely in your view? I personally liked the book and how it represented the operation overlord (Ww2). I liked that the book did not just end at the point of the invasion of Normandy. Book also explained the consequences and challenges faced by both sides of the war.

I very much admire that the author remained neutral throughout the whole text and was able to explain the very complicated situation without taking sides. Finally, the most important thing—did you like the book? Would you recommend it to a friend? Why or why not? Even though I have not finished the whole book. I love this book. It brings out the young reader and thrill of reading the book when I was younger. I would definitely recommend this book to friends but especially to those who have teenage kids. The pictures and map somewhat romanticize the old-school war and captures the thrill of unknown. The book is historically accurate and personally give me the same feeling that I got when I read Harry Potter.

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