Essay on Life by Lebron James

Coming up Lebron James did not live a typical life many others did but that never stirred him in the wrong direction or affected him negatively. James became great at a young age and this help build him into the person he is today. The life most athletes are living at the age 20,21,22, James was living at 18, and most people would think that’s too young to have millions considering teens aren’t all the way mature and may spend the money irresponsibly, but not for James.

Lebron James was born on December 30, 1984 in Akron, Ohio. Growing up in Akron, Lebron James was single-handedly raised by his mother Gloria Marie James. She was only 16 when she had Bron and to add on to that James and his mother moved around a lot, so it was hard for him to adjust to his environment. His father, Anthony McClelland, having an rough criminal record, was not in James’s life at all. This caused Lebron’s mother to begin dating more men in intentions of them playing as a father figure in James’s life, none of her boyfriends lived up to that responsibility, leaving her brother’s as the father figures in Lebron’s life. Jame’s mother had him live with Frank Walker who showed him the game of basketball at the age of 9. James began playing basketball at a young age and was considered talented by many.

James played Amateur Athletic Union (AAU), an extra league for most sports usually, for good players that are trying to get looked at by scouts, basketball for the Northeast Ohio Shooting Stars. After his AAU days instead of going to his local public high James took it a step further and went to a mostly white private school named, St. Vincent-St. Mary’s High School. Many would say this is a better spot for an athlete considering private schools usually have better academic and athletic programs than public schools, and there is usually more scouting going on there and better competition.

As a freshman for St. Vincent-St. Mary’s High School he started at small forward averaging 20 points per game and leading them to go undefeated and win the Division 3 championship. Michael Jordan was James’s childhood idol so after his first year of high school he took on the number 23 after Jordan. Throughout James’s high school career, he racked up many achievements and awards such as “Mr. Basketball” in Ohio, earning a spot on the All-USA First Team, named 2001-02 Gatorade National Boys Basketball Player of the Year, and leading his team to consecutive championships. Also, was All-State honors in football as a wide receiver. Lebron quickly became one the most heard about players in high school, after his senior year he had been “Mr. Basketball” 3 years straight, had a few games televised, and been on the cover of ESPN magazines and Sports Illustrated.

James continued his greatness after high school skipping the collegiate level and going straight to the major leagues. This shows much value in James’s skill because most athlete’s go to college, after high school, to better themselves and prepare for the major league. But with James already being NBA bound, after high school, he did not need college to help improve his game. James was drafted number one overall pick to the Clevland Cavalries in the 2003. He quickly became greatest tacking on numerous of awards in just his first few years in the league, He was named rookie of the year, at 19, LeBron became the youngest member of the basketball squad in 2004 Athens Olympic, a year later making history again when he became the youngest player to score more than 50 points in one game. He was selected for the NBA All-Star game for the first time.

After that it was only up for Lebron, going for seven scoring titles, tying Wilt Chamberlin with that record, 4 MVP awards, 3 championship rings, and been on Team USA 3 summers. Also becoming the youngest player to be All-American in his second season. Its proven through these facts and statistics that James did not need college to help prepare him for the NBA, as he is racking up many accomplishments in the NBA as a teenager. Also, being the youngest NBA player to score 20,000 points, surpassing Kobe Bryant of the Lakers, who scored 20,00 when he was 29. This is not even half of Lebron’s attributes in the sports world, he has much more to add on to his resume.

So many people have respect for Lebron not only because the skill he possesses but because the person he is. James left Cleveland in 2010, went to Miami, won 2 championships with them and went back to his hometown Cleveland and won a championship there with them. This shows great character for James because most labeled him as a trader since he left his hometown to go play with better superstars, such a Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh. So, James response to that was coming back to the team he got drafted by, his hometown, and win a championship for his city. He eventually left a year after winning a ring with them, but this time when he left the city respected him because he brought them a championship already and that’s what the city wanted.

To sum it all up, it’s clear to see James left his mark in the NBA at a young age and still doing it to this day, on his 15th season. His work on the court is not all that defines him, he also has his own school in Clevland Ohio. I Promise School, a school created from Lebron’s foundation, has free tuition, free food, free transportation, free bikes and helmet, access to food pantry for their family, and paid tuition for all graduates who plan to attend University of Akron. Also, James has something for the parents of the students as well, parents of students will get jobs and help getting their GEDs.

So, with all stuff he has done on the court he has also been as much of a prodigy off the court to his community. All this is important because most great athletes take time to develop and are only great in their field of work. While James came straight out of high school setting records and later started giving back to the community when he was able. This affects me so much in a positive way because it inspires me to do better and strive for greatness just so I can give back to those who lack the resources needed to succeed and are unable to see the bigger picture or the vision in life. Also, it gives me ideas on what’s a responsible thing to do, if I ever get a chance to and that is give back to the community I come from, because that can help some many people that you wouldn’t even think it would affect.

lebron james This affects me as a sport fan because this separates Lebron in many ways. It’s hard to determine the greatest player in the league right now due to so much talent each elite player possess but when a superstar contributes as much off the court as Lebron does, it easily separates them from the rest. Also, most elite players in the league now had to go throw college to help sculpt them into the player they are today, but not Lebron he came directly out of high school not even considered an adult yet, setting records in the league, easily separates himself from the rest.

To conclude, Lebron is just as great off the court as he is on the court, therefore he is different than the rest of the elite players in the league now. Despite Lebron’s upbringing he never let that shift him in the wrong direction, instead he used that as motivation to get to better place and be different. Players with Lebron skill is rare so it is good that he used his talent for good reasons. Also, he knows he is a role model to many so you never hear about him getting into any trouble or doing anything that could harm his publicity, because of this many people respect him.

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