Essay About Our Society Today

A society is a group of people living together in a more or less ordered community. In my personal opinion, I think people nowadays are controlled by society. For example, consider the fashion trends like distressed jeans, crop tops, and bangles. We see these fads look good on other people and we want to look good as well so what one person was wearing yesterday, twelve people are wearing today. The novel Lord of The Flies contains many moments in the story where the boys demonstrate many examples of society.

Society influences us in ways we cannot even begin to comprehend. Language itself frames our understanding of the world around us. What you wear, What language you speak, What kind of education you have, What kind of music you like, What kind of job you have, what standing you have in your community, what kind of haircut you have, your nonverbal communication, child rearing practices, tastes in food, your religion, even your physical body is influenced by society. Nearly every aspect of your being is a product of society. We don’t have as much control over our beliefs and attitudes as we’d like to. The truth is that almost nothing about you or me is entirely unique.

“The conch doesn’t count on top of the mountain’ Said Jack,’ So you shut up,” (Golding 42) this quotes is an example of man controlling society. Although you are a part of society, you are part of the group that sets the everything into place. We in a way control society, it is our choice whether to regard something as wrong or right, as long as the the group of people agrees with the persons doing, but when too much people disagrees, society breaks apart and forms into two separate societies, each with its own perspectives.

Society controls the people and the way they control the masses is through fear. up until the 1980s there was a fear implemented in everyones brains that russia would nuke us after that dissipated the news media had to pick up their share of the ‘fear’ so they started using words such as catastrophe and devastation much more often so that we can still be controlled by society. “The thing is – fear can’t hurt you any more than a dream.” (Golding 63)

It is important for the society of control to maintain the illusion of freedom, but we should note the ways in which freedom here is not merely an illusion. One can say or do whatever one wants, at least within the circumscribed parameters. Most of us fall within those parameters without even thinking about it since the only forms of discourse truly proscribed are radical indictments of our political system, calls to “terrorist” action, and the like and so experience ourselves as fully free to express our views, live our lives, and so on. The important thing to grasp is the way in which an apparatus of power can exert control over us precisely by letting us “do whatever we want.”

So yes, you and probably a bunch more people basically control society, as long as you follow the rules and enforce them directly or indirectly. Because of all those rules, you are not allowed to do many specific things as they are not seen as socially acceptable behaviour or actions, and instead pushes you to do something else more acceptable. Therefore, society controls you, or more accurately, it shapes you into a different person, an ideal person for society. Which then, making you follow the social norm and most likely, you enforcing and exposing it to your children or friends and family, and the so on.

So, yes and yes. You control society and society controls you.