Classical Concert : Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Symphony No.40

We were to watch live classical and jazz concert. But, due to COVID-19 the opportunity for watching concert was ruined and I had to watch a concert online and write a report on it. The concert which I watched online was Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Symphony No.40 and the mode was in G minor K.500. This video was published on YouTube on September 1, 2016. The concert was originally composed in 1788. The duration is about 26- 28 minutes. Mozart wrote 2 symphony in minor key. “ It reflects his interest in artistic movement known as (storm and stress) in which darker and stronger emotion were showcased. ” The composition of concert is based on a falling half-step motive, an interval used throughout the history of music to denote pain and suffering.

Mozart’s symphony was first performed in casino, perhaps consoling those who had just lost bundle of cash. The instruments throughout the concert were flute, oboes, clarinets,bassoons, horns and string. In total there are four movements in the concert. The four movements were called Molto Allergo, Andante, Menuetto and Allergo assai for the finale. For each movement genre of concert is Symphony. The concert is from classical period. All the movements in concert was in proper order and sonata form. The texture of concert was homophony. The melody was so graceful and the rhythm was also on point. The catalogue was K.550.

The first movement is “ Molto Allergo”. It makes me so cheerful and feels like to dance when I listen it. Articulation for this movement seems to be broader and sometimes lighter. It is pretty fast. I like this movement because it sounds like pop music and it is having well structural organization. It is written in sonata form. It has fast tempo. Furthermore, the tone is rhythmic and has interesting rhythmic pattern in symphony. start in this movement has repeated tone pattern.

The second movement is “ Andante”. It has slow tempo. This is my least favorite movement as it sounds slow and softer. The sound is so long. The pace was little low. This movement has little variations throughout and makes me feel longer than actually it is. It is also written in sonata form. This movement is full of chromatic shadings (semi tones) and base lines.

The third movement is “Menuetto” also known as three-part dance called minuet and trio. It had good tempo. In the beginning it was hollow and towards midway of performance it changes to heavy pace. Its feel like peace when I listened this movement and felt like listening again and again. This sounds like interesting section to me as there are different instruments and accents are used. The melody of the music is also different from rest movements. It is written in minuet form. This music is not for dance even though it named and called 3-part dance. This movement is played without the use of clarinet. This movement also had steady harmony.

The fourth movement is “Allegro Assai”. This movement has good articulation and coordination. We can feel it while listening to the movement. It has good tempo as well. The peak of violin in this movement is so sharp and sounds like its so painful. The symphony close with allegro assai which is joyful and dark also which contains more than enough twist to keep you fully invested until the final seconds. I love this movement. This movement is written in sonata form. It is also serious movement. There is also rocket sound at beginning of 4 movement. The sounds go higher and higher created by Mozart. This is also known as “Mannheim rocket.”

In a nutshell, it was the best experience listening to the classical concert. I did not expect classical concert to be so good but it was astonishing. From now I will surely listen classical concerts. One of the most interesting musical element for me was the first and the fourth movement. This concert would not have been mind-blowing without this extremely great musicians. It was so fascinating to watch the performers perform as they were well prepared and rehearsed. Also, the hall was quiet and audience were dressed in formals. There was no movie recording or phone recording allowed in concert. The crowd was so professional had seems like they had good knowledge about the subject matter. Indeed, it was the best close to the beautiful concert and I am so happy for listening the type of concert again live not virtually.