Ludwig Van Beethoven Performed by the Chicago Symphony Orchestra

To me, music is a blessing from god. It is a gift and very much so a part of life. I firmly believe that, without music, all life would be a mistake. Music can do so many things, it can lift you up when you are down, it can pump you up for something, it can get you into your feelings, or it can just be some background noise while you are doing something. Listening to Western Classical Music is almost like listening to the heavens opening up, of course it all depends on what is being played.

For this assignment I chose to listen to Symphony No. 9 in D Minor by Ludwig Van Beethoven performed by the Chicago Symphony Orchestra conducted by Riccardo Muti at the Orchestra Hall at Symphony Center on May 7, 2015. This performance was amazing to say the least. It was quite long to add, but I think it was worth the time to listen and watch. The music started out with a fast pace, almost as though it was prompting the audience to keep up. For me, it was a bit overwhelming at the start because there was a lot going on. By that I mean there was an incredible amount of skill, talent, and just excellence unfolding on the screen that I was glad I could go back, to rewind. The fast pace and the quick tempo were beautiful, but I would have to say that my favorite part was the Adagio molto e cantabile. This portion was about mid video but it was my favorite mainly because it was slowed down in comparison to the rest of the video leading up to this part. I tend to find peace and serenity in the slower paced music. It is calming amongst craziness that is the world. Also, the way that all the members of the orchestra could go from a upbeat tempo and step it back was amazing to watch on screen it is almost unreal how great the timing is between one another. I can only imagine how stunning it must have been to see it in person.

All the transitions and performance done by the members of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra were done with incredible accuracy. Their skills and mastery of their instruments definitely showed. I have absolutely nothing negative to add about their talent and the performance. I am no critic, nor have I ever played an instrument in my life but from what I have studied in this class, I would say that there is nothing more I could have added to the performance to make it any better. Truly spectacular.

To conclude, the orchestra was joyful to listen to and to watch. I genuinely wish I could have seen this performance in person because it just makes the experience that much better and makes one more able to participate in the work of art. I for one, can look forward to hopefully getting to see a symphony in person.

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