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Biblical Songs

The twelve disciples By: Bigsy Album: The Bluealbum The song talks about the choosing of the twelve disciples by Jesus. He calls each of them, and some willingly follow him after they heard about the baptism. The song also highlights the roles that the disciples were given to do by Jesus on his behalf. Moreover, […]

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Music History

Introduction As much as music is a universal thing, it is so subjective and relative such that to one person it may be music but to another person it may not be. This therefore complicates the whole issue of the origin of music, which most people speculate to be from those early ages, yet they […]

Pages: 7 Words: 2017
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Mozart’s Operas Versus Broadway Musicals

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, one of the most influential and prolific composers of the 18th century, lead the forefront of classical music alongside composers like Beethoven, Haydn, Handel, Scherbert, and etc. The 18th century was a period marked by the practical and just music composed during the time. Mozart in particular was rather adept at every […]

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Ludwig Van Beethoven Performed by the Chicago Symphony Orchestra

To me, music is a blessing from god. It is a gift and very much so a part of life. I firmly believe that, without music, all life would be a mistake. Music can do so many things, it can lift you up when you are down, it can pump you up for something, it […]

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The Marriage of Figaro – Opera by Mozart

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, full name Johannes Chrysostomus Wolfgangus Theophilus Mozart, was an Austrian composer in the classical era. He was born on January 27, 1756, in Salzburg, Austria and is widely regarded as one of the most influential composers of his time. He sadly only lived 35 years and died on December 5, 1791. Mozart […]

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Regardless of Whether it is Beethoven, Mozart, or Breval

We all know some kind of composer when growing up. Regardless of whether it is Beethoven, Mozart, or Breval. For me, one that has consistently gotten my attention over the rest has been Bach. Bach was an astonishing man that reproduced how we see and tune in to music. He was the main individual of […]

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Essay about Mozart, Beethoven, Bach, Haydn

Though classical music, known for its severe adherence to musical rules, is not the most common genre these days, and some people may feel it is a bit boring, it is recognized as one of the most inspiring. Mozart, Beethoven, Bach, Haydn and innumerable other composers contributed to the huge musical treasury that still charm […]

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Antonín Dvořák Vs Wolfgang Mozart

Born in the same continent, but almost a century apart, it is a wonder that the works of Antonin Leopold Dvorak and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart are often placed in the same musical umbrella known as classical music. A century holds a surprising amount of change, whether it be spurred on by politics, culture, or innovation, […]

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Mozart Symphony no 40

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was one of the greatest composers in history. He was born in Salzburg Austria in 1756. Although he only lived to be 35 years old his contribution to musical history is almost unparallel to anybody else’s. Mozart was a child prodigy that started composing music at the young age of 5. As […]

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Does the Film about Mozart not Correspond to Reality

For as long as I can remember I have always assumed that Mozart and all other grand and famous composers were regarded as one of the most elite of their time, however, after watching this film I discovered that is only partially accurate. While it was true that Mozart was of high class; his peers […]

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Value of Art: Mozart

The Classical Era saw the rise of a third source of patronage which was the significance of supporting the arts. Composers and musicians back then could make a living as freelance musicians through presenting their work in public theaters and concert halls. The time period that contained the increased popularity and salaries for musicians and […]

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Films by Milos Forman and Including “amadeus” about Mozart

Milos Forman also named as Jan Tomas Forman was a Czechoslovakian born American writer, memoirist, and screenwriter. He was one of Eastern Europe most accomplished filmmakers. When the Soviet Union invaded his homeland in 1968, he relocated to the United States of America, where he directed film adaptations of critically acclaimed literary and theatrical works […]

Pages: 5 Words: 1443

Classical Concert : Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Symphony No.40

We were to watch live classical and jazz concert. But, due to COVID-19 the opportunity for watching concert was ruined and I had to watch a concert online and write a report on it. The concert which I watched online was Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Symphony No.40 and the mode was in G minor K.500. This […]

Pages: 3 Words: 759

The Influence of Music and the “mozart Effect”

Have you ever listened to music as you did your homework? Have you ever wondered why we do this? Many believe music keeps you focused during homework. ‘How?’ you may ask, well you do this by tuning it out and making it into background music. After a couple minutes into the homework your attention completely […]

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“serenades for Strings” in Honor of Mozart at the University Concert

I attended the Clemson University Symphony Orchestra on November 17th, 2018. The concert was extremely diverse, and I gained a new appreciation for listening to a live symphony orchestra. Due to my background in ballet, the first piece that attracted my attention was Tchaikovsky’s “Elegy” from Serenade for Strings. This is the third out of […]

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K-pop or Propaganda 

During the past three years South Korea has been trying to put an end to North Koreas propaganda attacks on South Korean media and culture. This has been done through the utilization of loud-speakers strategically places along the DMZ blaring music and news. The tool they used to shock North Koreans was the famous K-Pop […]

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Music Concert i Attended in my City

On Wednesday January 9, 2019 I attended a concert at Pasadena Presbyterian Church. It was pretty fun because I went with my husband and we were listening to Michelle Matsumune the flutist and Galina Barskaya the pianist. When we got there the musicians introduced themselves and Michelle Matsumune said she is a fourth era Californian […]

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The Importance of Music in our Life 

Why do individuals in our contemporary time listen to music? Throughout history, music has been an essential part of life for many people. The church is one of the earliest promoters of music. Despite that at the beginning of the implementation and practice of music in churches, it was reserved only for the clergy and […]

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Personal Music Reflection

Music is more than just a hobby to pass by the time. It is a universal language for all, that connect people from all around the world. If you listen, the lyrics and instrumentals of any song will provide insight into what an artist may be feeling and thinking when it was composed, and more […]

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