Impressions of The Amadeus Biographical Film About Mozart

After watching the movie ‘Amadeus,’ I was in a sad mood with excitement. This Mozart biographical film is a record of the devastation of a great musician in the world, and a microcosm of a class of people.

Mozart’s genius and achievements need not be repeated. His 35-year short life is a pity. Whether it is real history or later processed history, geniuses often have some opponents. In the film, Mozart’s opponent is Salieri, a court composer. There are different opinions about Mozart’s death and Salieri’s role in it. The most sensational one is that Salieri poisoned Mozart. In this film, the director chooses a relative compromise setting, that is, Mozart was killed by this Salieri with a subtle trap and pure torture. Although not so hateful as poisoning, it highlights the tragic nature of Mozart’s life.

The film does not list Mozart’s achievements but focuses on his character and life. I saw a naughty, innocent, unruly and unrestrained Mozart. In short, I think any word that describes a person as gifted and unsophisticated can be put on this big boy. As a young man, many people who haven’t seen his real person think that he is the kind of person who will appear gracefully and even envelope the mysterious light, As Salieri had initially imagined. Mozart was laughing and playing with his girlfriend on a formal occasion and an improper grin in front of a group of reserved dignitaries. It’s this kid who looks a little vulgar and creates wonderful music. In his own words, ‘I may be vulgar, but my music is not vulgar.’ Mozart is such a person, with amazing talent, with a more amazing attitude and attitude towards life, to create a series of outstanding, but also explosive works. He stimulates the nerves of many of his colleagues, both regarding values and interests. He never cared about advice such as modesty. He criticized the commonness works in his eyes frankly. At the same time, he expressed his respect to others frankly, when the man who did not know what the intrigue has entered the court and the upper-class society. It is out of keeping with many rules. I can already predict how dangerous his future will be.

Simple people tend to guess others with pure hearts. Mozart respects Salieri until he dies. In his eyes, Salieri is a respected predecessor and colleague. When Mozart was in trouble, he would first go to Salieri for help. Salieri is a complicated man, who is more jealous and hateful of Mozart’s talent than his more conservative colleagues. Again and again, facing Mozart’s appeal for help, he made a verbal promise and secretly destroy. Salieri even sent maids to Mozart’s house to monitor his every move.

What’s more, Salieri disguised himself as Mozart’s father playact, destroying Mozart, who was already in trouble and physically infirm at that time. For the Requiem, Mozart lived by writing ‘vulgar’ works. He wrote a work that would torture him spiritually, a work about death. He died miserably, with a simple heart. Mozart is an angel with a pure heart. Although buried in a ruined cemetery, his music and spirit continued to flow nobly. Decades later, Salieri’s works were gradually forgotten, but Mozart became eternal, until his death, Salieri’s mind could not stop trembling. When Salieri used spiritual cruelty to force Mozart into despair, he did not realize that he had suffered pure torture for life after his death. When he was dying, he could only repent and look back on his life with Mozart. It was sad.

As far as historical facts and films are concerned, it can not be ruled out that the film may overplay Mozart and over vilify Salieri, but like Mozart, if the works of art are too forward-looking and take into account so many possible consequences, it will not reach a spiritual height. This film shows Mozart’s spiritual temperament in his life very well. No one denies his talent. Think about Mozart, if he put some energy into the smooth way of dealing with people, would he still be Mozart? Will there be so many outstanding works of Mozart now?

In short, I like this film very much. I learned how to love life and never stop chasing our dreams. Be yourself, don’t care too much about other people’s opinions, because people’s life is short.

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