Christopher Columbus Was an Italian Explorer and Was Born in Genoaf

Christopher Columbus was an Italian Explorer and was born in Genoa, Italy on October 31, 1451. He made four voyages to the Caribbean and toward South America between 1942 and 1504. He received credit for opening the European colonization and the American colonization. Unfortunately, he was blamed for that at the same time. He also realized that when he set sail, there were two continents between him and where he wanted to go. Christopher Columbus was a Explorer and a Navigator who changed the world by trying to find new land (“Christopher Columbus Biography”). Columbus made many voyages that led to new locations around the globe.

According to “Christopher Columbus” by Editors, Columbus had four voyages. The first sail Columbus made was on August third 1492. He went From Spain to the East Indies in India. The very first long voyage Columbus made his first voyage on October 12, 1492. He decided to go to the East Indies but he landed on what he named San Salvador. When he met the first American, he was at the Bahamian Islands. After he left the Bahamas, he tried to find the country known by the name of China. Unfortunately, he landed off the coast of Cuba. He was sailing for months, going from Island to Island, trying to find new discoveries. He was going all around trying to find or trade for silver, pearls, and other very valuable treasures. He sailed out with three ships named the Nina, Pinta, and the Santa Maria.

For instance, Columbus sailed since he was 14 years old and he continued throughout his life. Columbus was an Italian explorer and navigator. He sailed for many days trying to discover new land. He made a total of four voyages between 1492 and 1504. He was credited but at the same time blamed for introducing the American colonization to the European colonization (Kington).

In “Christopher Columbus” by Editors, Columbus tried to make new routes to new places, he wanted to be the one to discover the land before anyone else. He was shocked when he hit landfall and realized there was civilization on the land he had found. He made his second voyage about six months later in 1493. Columbus had returned to the Americas. During his time back in the Americas, Hispaniola was destroyed. So he left his brothers and some of the crew members to rebuild. Then Columbus decided to head west to continue the search.

In addition, In May of 1498, he sailed across the Atlantic Ocean for the third time. He went to Trinidad. Then he decided to go to the South American mainland before his fate at Hispaniola. Unfortunately, the Spanish authorities had a new governor take over before he left the Americas. Columbus was arrested and brought back in chains ( Editors).

In 1502, he was cleared of the most serious charges and no longer has the nobel titles he had. Columbus tried to persuade the Spanish to let him take one more journey across the Atlantic. He made it all the way to Panama, just a couple miles from the Pacific Ocean. He had to abandon two of the four ships he had on the trip ( Editors).

In late 1492, the Santa Maria was wrecked into a Coral Reef near the coast of Hispaniola. With lumber from the ship. During his lifetime, he led four expeditions around the new world, exploring new places like the Carribean Islands, the Gulf of Mexico, and the Americans Central and South mainlands. Unfortunately, he never accomplished his goal he set before. His goal was set when he first started out to make an original route to the Great Cities of Asia. In 1506, Columbus died in Spain without realizing what he had achieved. What Columbus discovered can make Spain the wealthiest and most powerful nation ( Editors).