Teenage Pregnancy is a Social Problem

Teen pregnancies are a big problem now a days, along with STD’s and many other sex-related problems. Many teenage pregnancies are unplanned. What I believe is if your still a baby yourself how could you take care of a baby of your own. Teen pregnancy has been considered a “social ill” for centuries in the United States and has always challenged moral and ethical sensibilities. A teens life can change a lot when they have a baby leading to positive and negative outcomes in life. Going through a pregnancy is not easy but you learn new things with being a mother. I will argue about young pregnant girls being able to go through the process and still have a life ahead of them. Young pregnant girls will have the value to tell others to be careful and help them and give them the motivation they might of not had. Although babies are a blessing and change you in a good way, girls should not be judged for getting pregnant at a young age because everyone makes mistakes.

Motivation is always needed when you become a teen mom. Not only will it help you become a better person but it will show you who’s really there when you need them. Motivation is something every pregnant girl wants to have to continue easy with their lives and not give up. The more support you get the more motivation you will have to succeed. Becoming a teen mom is not an excuse to give up, but a motivation to keep pushing forward and do your best. The more support you have as a teen mom the better. You become more confident in yourself. You’ll know how to better yourself and be a good mother to your baby. You can motivate them and help them out with stuff they don’t know and that you’ve experienced already. Be an example to those who have no idea and are scared to go through it by themselves. You or someone who has gone through most of the process of being a teen mom can help other soon to be mother go through stuff and give them as the call hacks to the teen mother life. Give each other the same motivation you were given by family or friends, that way they can feel cared for and not have many difficulties as you would alone.

Young pregnant girls need the most motivation possible to continue their education, graduate high school and be able to study the career they want. If they are between the ages 14 and 18 in high school they can get help by school staff. With motivation they can make their life and their baby’s life better. Teen moms can be successful as any other person out there by getting an education and working hard enough. Most teen moms want to give up and some drop out of school. That is never the solution to doing better and moving on in life. You obviously need education to have a good life and try your best for your child to look up to. For them to be able to say they’re proud of their mother, or at least have the opportunity to say their parents tried everything for the best of them or wants to be like them when they grow up. Also, the best motivation a teen mom can get is from the baby’s dad if possible. The baby’s dad should help the mother prepare for when the child is born and have much love for both. They both need motivation to be better parents. Although a dad is not necessary but it can be a lot of help in many occasions.

As you become a teen mom your life changes in many positive and negative ways, from your free time to fun times. You get to learn new things and know what the responsibilities are as a mother. You get to spend time with your baby and you are able to learn what to do little by little, get use to having to deal with a baby every day. Your life changes in a positive way because it will stop you from going out and doing unnecessary things. A pregnancy keeps you from hanging out with people who are bad influences usually because they’re always out and about while you as a teen mom is tired. It helps you open up your eyes and see that you don’t need all that fun, going out and friends to have a good life. Your baby will always take most of your time and keep you distracted. It shows you who will really be there for you once your life changes when the baby comes. Babies are always a blessing and you will forever love them no matter what happens. You will enjoy buying baby clothes that are so tiny and adorable. You can have some of your friends or cousins help you pick some cute outfits, socks, onesies and shoes for the baby to wear.

It all becomes about you and your baby since you lose contact with most of your friends, but for the people that stay by your side they end up being the biggest help and only help you need. If you need to go grocery shopping or shopping for clothes you have to remember it’s not only you. You have to take your baby with you everywhere you go, not only will you worry about missing or forgetting anything while shopping but also worry about your baby. It gets harder and harder at the beginning but once you get the hang of it and your baby is a little older you’ll have it way easier. Being a teen mom can be very difficult at times but it is worth all the process and trouble you go through. It will be your biggest blessing on having a baby because you learn new things and you know how to act if you decide on having a second baby later on. It helps change your life in a good way because you will have many people who will love your baby and would want to help you out in anything they can. It might change your life and have many circumstances but it will never change the love you will have for your baby.

From becoming a mother at a young age you learn many lessons. Not in a bad way but in a good way because it helps you become a better person. You learn that you don’t need friends to move on in life and be a better mom to your baby. It proves to you that with all those lessons you can change and have a better life for yourself. You learn some deep lessons that will forever change the way you see the world. As a teen mom you will learn that not everyone will support you on your pregnancy and some will judge you. You learn from your mistakes and know you can do better next time. You’ll also get offended by the words people might say to you and with those words you can learn how to better yourself as a mother. Some people assume you’re dumb and immature when you become a teen mom. People have the tendency to say dumb things to any pregnant young girl they are just to make them feel bad. Many teen moms get offended but that’s the way they’ll learn their lesson for making mistakes. They will learn lessons to be cautious about what they do next and be more mature about it. I think people should have way more respect for girls who are teens moms or soon to be teen moms.

You can also learn how to do things to be able to know how to care for your baby. It is impossible to be the perfect mother, friend, wife and daughter all at once. People are going to tell you that you can’t do anything anymore because you have a child. Not every teen mom is the same, if you really want to go on in life and be happy you will go through it the hard way and learn a lesson. You will get through it no matter what even if it’s the hard way you should never give up on yourself or on your baby. I also think that teen moms can teach a lot of teenagers that having a kid at a young age can be very hard. It is very uncommon that the baby’s parents won’t stay together, which leads to a harder life lesson. You’ll learn that next time you should not have unprotected sex as a teenager unless you want to deal with a baby. You learn that it is not easy at all to take care of a baby on your own and having to do a lot of things to keep your baby in good condition. You will learn that not everyone will stick by your side how they did before you got pregnant. Not every life lesson is bad, some lessons are good and those are the ones that help you become a better mother to your baby. It will help you realize many things you didn’t even know or realize before having a baby.

You will miss out on needed education and having fun with friends like before. You can’t go out anymore because you will have to take care of your baby. You will lose most of your friends because most people don’t like being friends with pregnant teens. Having to do stuff on your own without any help an waste money all the time for the baby stuff and yourself. People may look at you different because you are pregnant at a young age and won’t be able to do many of the thing they do. Go through a lot of pain, gain weight, lose sleep, get stressed and much more. You will need to find a job to maintain your baby and yourself and be able to go on with life. You’ll either drop out of school or go to a continuation school to be able to graduate. Baby’s father might leave once he knows you are pregnant and doesn’t want to know anything about you guys. It can also be risky for both the baby and the teen mom because her body is still not fully developed. It can cause premature births and low birth weight on babies. Sometimes it can lead to unwanted pregnancies because some teens don’t want to be a mother at a young age. In that case teens can give up their babies for adoption or plan an abortion.

At the end of the day a baby is always a blessing no matter what happens. They can be a pain in the butt but they will change your life for good. A baby will always be with you through everything you go through no matter what it is. A baby will show you many new things and you will be able to grow together. You get to experience new things not on your own but with the baby as well. You will go through rough times and also go through things as easy as they look. As a teen mom you will become a better person as your baby gets older. The rate of teenage pregnancy is increasing because of curiosity, peer pressure, and lack of attention by their family. Teenage pregnancy should be talked about and should not go unnoticed. But also teen moms shouldn’t have to go through embarrassing comments people make. Like the ones who think they’re dumb for being pregnant at a young age when it also could’ve been them at that point.

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