Biblical Songs

The twelve disciples
By: Bigsy
Album: The Bluealbum

The song talks about the choosing of the twelve disciples by Jesus. He calls each of them, and some willingly follow him after they heard about the baptism. The song also highlights the roles that the disciples were given to do by Jesus on his behalf. Moreover, through the song, an individual can name all the disciples quickly.Since the song is simple to understand and sing along to, it is sung with an audience. The bet audience for the song would be the young children who enjoy singing along to rhyming words. The simplicity of the song makes it possible for a person to connect with the life of Jesus.

The story of the baptism of Jesus happens in the very early chapters of the Bible. The initiation is carried out by John who was the forerunner of Christ. John claimed that he was not worthy of removing the sandals of Christ because of his sinful nature. Nonetheless, Jesus accepts to be baptized by him, and the Lord speaks to the people claiming Jesus was his son, and he was pleased with him. The Holy Spirit manifests itself in the form of a white dove.From apersonal view, it is possible that more must have happened than what the Bible says. For instance, what was the reaction of the people upon hearing those words? There is no mention of the response of the people upon hearing the voice of God being mentioned. There is also no mention of how people behaved toward Jesus after witnessing the mighty miracle that had unfolded before their eyes.

In addition, there is no mention of the behavior of John the Baptist after the baptism was finished. Did they talk and catch up on the ministry? Such detail is not mentioned.

Wedding in Cana By: Mas Binar

The song speaks of the wedding in Cana that Jesus attended. In addition, the song describes the relationship between Jesus and his mother. Through this song, the story of the first miracle that Jesus performed is explained. People get a better understanding of the miracles that Jesus performed in the Bible.

To place this story in context, the miracle at the wedding came after the choosing of the twelve disciples. It was with the disciples that Jesus went to the wedding. After the wine had got finished, the mother of Jesus, Mary asked Jesus to find a way of resolving the wine problem. It was at this point that hewas given jars containing water and he changed it into wine.

The music is well delivered but the tone of the song would have been a bit higher and sounding more jovial owing to the happy occasion. Because of the low tone that the singer used, it will be more appropriate in a narrative. The instrumentals go well with the voice of the musician who does not have to compete with them.From a personal pint of view, the story in the Bible does not shed enough light on how the reaction of people was at the wedding exhaustively. It is evident that they were a happy lot. However, no mention of an individual seeking an explanation on how the wine was madeis done. Even the bride and the groom do not bother inquiring where the sweet wine had come from. They all simply enjoyed the party and forgot to ask how Jesus performed the miracle and where he got his powers. The fact that no one bothered is a bit shocking.

God So loved the world

Album: Gospel of JohnBy: Jeff Adams John 3:16

The song is simple and talks about the salvation of humankind through God’s selfless act of giving his only son as asacrifice. The artist sings at length about the love of God for humanity, and the salvation plans that he has for them. This song is simple, and the main focus is given to the importance of salvation through which people will get the eternal life that they deserve. The tone that the artist uses in this song is compelling especially the way he sings. Jeff repeats the lyrics of the song to emphasize the need to lead a holy life that begins only through redemption through the name of Jesus.

The promises of God for his people can only be fulfilled through salvation. This song is important because it explains the reason for the salvation. Through the song, an individual can understand the cause of the crucifixion of Christ. It also teaches one to be selfless just like God. According to personal belief, it is possible that the news of a son from God coming to save the people was exciting because they wanted a savior to deliver them from the Roman rule. Therefore, they looked forward to the fulfillment of these words. The salvation to them may have meant freedom from the oppressive rule they had been through for many years.

Consequently, this song is appropriate for this work because it sets the whole story regarding the life of Jesus. This song would do well as a background song to a story regarding the preaching of the life of Jesus. The message in the song is what makes it perfect for that function because it acts as a reminder of the Lord’s love.

Album: Alabaster Box
Singer: Cece Winnans

Don’t be angry when I wash his feet with my hair

This song talks about the prostitute who washed the feet of Jesus with her hair. The singer describes the tale of the prostitute who was scorned by society for her occupation. When she heard about the presence of Jesus, she fell at his feet and cried her heart out to Jesus. She cries on his feet as the people watch her in astonishment and disgust. Jesus forgives her, and she becomes saved.This song is important because the story comes shortly after the message of Christ coming to the salvation of humanity. The song also paraphrases the story of Jesus and the prostitute. Although the story is short, the singer manages to cover an entire chapter in the book of John.

She talks about the hatred and discrimination that the woman faced because of her prostitution. The problems of being rejected by her people.The tone of the musician is important in this song because her voice and the conviction help the individual get a clear understanding of the pain and relief that the prostitute felt after being forgiven by Jesus. The lady wanted mercy, and the Lord gave it to her. From the vocals of the song, it is evident that this song would be magical if performed live.From a personal view, it is obvious that the people did not like Jesus at all for what he did. In fact, it must have crossed their minds to stone Jesus for committing the heinous act of mingling with the prostitute. The fact that they could not stone the woman must have them spiteful toward Jesus, and it was likely that one of them would have wanted revenge.

Four days late – Sharon Husarik

The song talks about the sickness and eventual death of Lazarus. The song speaks of the relationship between Lazarus and his two sisters who call Jesus for help. However, the Lord delays in coming to see Lazarus and arrives when it is too late. Upon arrival, Jesus discovers that his friend is gone. The story of Lazarus is important because it shows the connection of the Lord with other people. He too had a social life and friends that he cared for. That is brought to light through his devotion to Mary, Martha, and Lazarus. People see the family aspect of the Lord and understand that there was more to his life than ministering. The singer uses a low voice that does notelicit a somber mood. The singing is consistent despite the changing scenarios such as the death of Jesus.

The low voice used by the singer makes this song perfect for live performance with an active audience. The story of Lazarus is an interesting one considering that Lazarus was not a random person that Christ had saved. There was more to the story as Jesus even visited his home often. The friendship grew to the extent that Jesus wept for Lazarus. It has not been recorded anywhere in the Bible crying over another person. The fact that Jesus wept for his friend shows the compassion that he felt towards that man. This raises many questions such as what caused the delay of Jesus in responding to the matter. Maybe the messenger was slow and could not get to Christ in real time. It also makes one wonder what may have happened after the resurrection of Lazarus and whether he remembered anything after that. It is highly likely that he may have decided to be a disciple of Jesus from there on.

The cleansing blood of Jesus – Chuck Mallonee

This song describes the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. It talks about the pain that Jesus went through for the sake of human being. In this song, there is avivid description of the pain that Jesus suffers as a result of the sins of people. Moreover, there is the salvation part that claims people have been freed due to the death of Christ.There is a lot of pain that Christ goes through as described in the holy texts. Consequently, this passage is of great importance because this is the climax of the salvation ministry of Christ. The sole purpose for which John 3:16 talks of is fulfilled in this last part. Without discussing the crucifixion of Jesus, the story would feel incomplete.

That is why this part had to be added. The singer’s voice fits the situation being described. By using a low voice and the background being low, it makes the song perfect for live performance and narration.The death of Christ is something that makes one marvel at the strength and determination that Jesus had in completing his task. It makes one wonder how a single man could take away the sins of the entire world. The events that occurred after the death of Christ can only be described as supernatural.

However, ti would have been good if John had given an insight of what happened to the high priests and other Pharisees who doubted Jesus. Did they kneel and worship Christ after discovering he was the messiah? The reaction soundsexciting and fuels one’s curiosity.

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