The Six Essential Components of a Biblical Worldview

In this paper, I will be talking about my biblical worldview, and how it is pertinent to Romans. I will be addressing the six aspects. These six aspects are critical in understanding and digesting a biblical worldview. Paul does a great job in conveying the key elements that a Christian must know, these include; the reason for salvation, the hope for salvation, and the future of salvation. As a Christian, I am going to try my best to explain the meaning of these scriptures’ and how they correlate to a worldview.

God allows us as Christians to receive a righteous standing by remaining in Christ as His servant. God’s righteousness will only be obtained when we put our faith in Him. Because God is righteous, He is able to execute judgment upon those who do not obey Him. The wrath of God is sometimes hard to comprehend; however, it is explained in Romans that the wrath of God is only reserved for those who are godless and wicked. Those are the people who warp the image and truth of God. God did not intend for us to receive His wrath, but because man sinned, and fell short of the Glory of God, we were all doomed in a sense. And without the sacrifice that God made, we would not have the eternal hope that we do. Which is what gives us the opportunity to escape God’s wrath.

Another attribute that God possesses is that of eternal power. He is an omnipotent God, He has chosen to make Himself visible through His creations. From my perspective as a nursing student, you need just look at a blood cell to see His full power, to create something as little, but powerful and life-sustaining. This is not something that we typically think of as Christians, but something we all need to be more mindful on. God is divine, this is an attribute that flows with his eternal power. All we need to do is look at His very nature to understand this.

God is immortal, there are many “gods’” that people worship, but ours is the only true real God. His creation is wonderful, and He is powerful in all He does. But His work has people that try to discredit Him, lies have been said that try and take the honor and glory form Him. These false gods are a poor misrepresentation of who God is, and God is going to unleash His judgment on those who have spread falsehood on Him. And each one of us will stand before Him at the end of our lives and He will give us an account on how we served Him and if we truly had His salvation in our lives.

God is the ultimate truth, and the one and only standard of truth. We have been given a living truth by Him. And this is a truth that lives in every Christian. This is an example of God’s love for us. God cannot lie because He is the authority of truth, and the only perfect person was Jesus. God is life, He gives life to this dying world. He has the power to resurrect the dead and can give life where there is none. As much as God loves life, He made a sacrifice to give us His only son, so that all might have the ability to live eternally. This is why the love of God is incredibly powerful. Because He gave us, who are hate-filled people, His only son. God is sovereign, He is sovereign but His right to rule and authority. He is just in all He does and calls us to serve Him as He is due. He asks us as His people to submit to His authority and to accept the people that He has placed over us.

God is beyond merciful to us. He has given us life through His mercy. He chose us and leads us in powerful ways. His wisdom is powerful and beyond human comprehension. God gives hope to those who seek Him, and He fills us with His joy and peace, and that comes from the Holy Spirit. The last attribute that comes from God is that God is eternal. God has revealed His presence throughout the span of time. And He gives an opportunity to all those that seek him and come to Him through obedience. He has always been and will always be.

God is the designer and creator of everything we know. If we look at Gods natural creations, it reflects the pure incredible design of our creator. The reason for God’s creation is to bring every living creature to Him in His glory. And we as Christians are to await the coming and the redemption of the Lord. He will make everything perfect one day. As humans, our created purpose is to serve Him and recognize Him as our creator and savior. And one day, all our knees will bow to Him. By nature because of man we are sinful, and we can be far from God, but because God loves us it is His plan that we might become righteous through Him.

Sin is first mentioned at the beginning of the Bible when Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit. Through Adams disobedience, and because he was the first man to sin he condemned all of mankind to death, but through that God gave the ultimate sacrifice of His son to once again give the option for all of mankind to be saved. Through Him forgiving us of our sin. Romans 6:23 states: the wages of sin is death. But through God, we are saved from this, and we have eternal life through Him.

The sacrifice that Jesus made is what brought us all salvation, should we choose to accept it. It was the only thing that would be perfect enough to cover the multitude of sins that we have, this is why it required the sacrifice of God’s son. The sacrifice had to be made by a sinless perfect individual. Therefore, because no man is without sin, that caused a problem. This is why God provided Jesus and the ultimate and once and for all sacrifice. The love the God has for us shows incredibly in this act because to send your own son to die a most painful death requires tremendous sacrifice. And the return to this sacrifice is the gift of eternal salvation and life with God in heaven.

As Christians, we see from our readings in the Bible, and the everyday lives that God has done wondrous things for us, we are not to take those for granted. We, as Christians, are called to “offer our bodies as living sacrifices” this is the act of worship that pleases God. We are filled with joy and peace when we trust in Him and give up our sinful nature. When we do not offer our bodies as living sacrifices we are causing wickedness to form in our hearts. If we do not choose to get ride our or wicked ways and continue to play into our sin nature we will face the ultimate consequence for our sinful choices. We have an incredible stewardship that we have been given by the Lord, which includes spreading the gospel. Those opportunities above all should not be wasted.

We ultimately have great hope in the promise of eternal life in heaven should we turn our hearts to God. This will free us from our earthly bodies, and we will be made new in heaven free from all pain, sin, and ailments. One day our Lord will triumph over all the earth and our trials will be over. Everything that we deem important will be over, and we will be freed from all the pain and struggles we face. We will be given new bodies, and experience the church the way that God intended, with all of our brothers and sisters in Christ. This is something that I look forward to. I cannot wait to experience the joyous celebration of entering heaven along with my brothers and sisters in Christ.

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