Alexander the Great Had Extraordinary Leadership Skills

Rise and Shine Everyone! Time for us to defeat yet another city! How about one of the most powerful empires! These are some of the words that the determined Alexander the Great said. Alexander was born in 356 BCE in a city called Macedonia, where his parents King Philip, a leader of the Macedonian army and his Mother Olympia, raised him to Kingship and hired many people to teach him about others stuff, to the point where Alexander thought he was a God. Alexander always wanted to lead an attack against others, and when his Father was assassinated, Alexander got to inherit his father’s kingdom at the age of 20. Alexander then fought his way across the Asia Minor, down the Mediterranean Coast, all to Mesopotamia, making others armies afraid of him since he was dominating almost every army. Although Alexander the Great had traits that many people did not like, Alexander had many achievements to prove that he was really great.

To begin with, Alexander the Great had extraordinary leadership skills that made his army more dominant. Alexander showed great leadership skills since unlike other leaders Alexander fought with his army during battles and suffered with his army by showing them perseverance when hard times came upon them. This helped his army become more destructive. Also, at the age of 20 Alexander set off to conquer Persia, which at the time was one of the strongest armies, but that didn’t matter as Alexander fought his way and beat Persia. In the Background Essay, it states “He led his troops across Central Asia, fighting battles and establishing garrison towns along the way”. This proves that even though he was only 20, that didn’t deter him from leading his army to conquer multiple cities and empires. This proves that he must have led his army amazingly since he showed others that his army was the one to beat after his army beat Persia. Alexander’s amazing leadership skills showed the other armies to be cautious since his army was the one to beat.

In addition, Alexander the Great had remarkable achievements that are still unbelievable today. In Document A, it showed in the map that the approximate distance of Alexander’s army route was around 8520 miles on foot and that he traveled 2400 miles from Pella. Also, In Document E, it shows that it took Alexander 11 years to build his empire at the size of 2,000,000 square miles, whereas it took Rome 500 years to build its empire at the size of 2,200,000. This evidence indicates that Alexander had extreme discipline as it took Rome 489 more years to build its empire. In the Background Essay, it stated, “ There Julius Caesar encounters a statue of Alexander and is said to have wept, overcome by the thought that Alexander achieved so much at such a young age”. This is remarkable because not many people have had Julius Caesar cry because of their legacy. Certainly, Alexander had remarkable achievements that many still don’t believe today.