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Alexander The Great Had a Positive Effect on His Empire

Great leaders often leave a lasting impression. Some even speak profoundly. For example, Alexander of Macedonia stated,“I had rather excel others in the knowledge of what is excellent, than in the extent of my power and dominion” (‘Alexander the Great Quotes’). He was a famous king who did not fear anyone or anything; he was […]

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Alexander The Great Was by Far The Most Successful Leader of All Time

One name always comes to mind when the word king is brought up, and that name is Alexander The Great. Being the most dominant king history has ever seen he and his army couldn’t be stopped by opposing ancient armies. Alexander was brought up learning what it takes to be a leader by his father, […]

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The Bond That Alexander The Great Created Effectively United The Various Nations

miliLiberation and tyranny are two seemingly very different topics, however, it is often difficult to distinguish between the two because they are based the viewpoint of an individual. What is considered tyranny to some may be considered liberation to others. The stance that an individual takes on either subject is solely dependent on their position […]

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Alexander The Great Had Extraordinary Leadership Skills

Rise and Shine Everyone! Time for us to defeat yet another city! How about one of the most powerful empires! These are some of the words that the determined Alexander the Great said. Alexander was born in 356 BCE in a city called Macedonia, where his parents King Philip, a leader of the Macedonian army […]

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Alexander and Philip Go Back

Alexander is a film of historical drama genre, in reference to the life of the Macedonian general and king Alexander the Great. The initial screenplay of the film is based on the book Alexander the Great, which was published by an Oxford historian Robin Lane Fox. Alexander was directed by Oliver Stone, who is an […]

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My Big Fat Greek Wedding

I watched My Big Fat Greek Wedding (Goetsman, Hanks, Wilson, & Zwick, 2002). It demonstrated the power of social influence in many different ways. We especially see the power of social influence at work in Toula’s life. She is an unmarried, 30-year-old Greek woman. Toula felt the power of social influence when she chose to […]

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