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Leadership of Elon Musk

Elon Musk was born on June 28, 1971, and is from South African descent. Musk always dreamt of inventions he would create. He developed an interest in computers at a young age. He became interested specifically in computer programming and at the age of 12, he was able to sell his first computer software. While […]

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Dynamic Leadership Essay

In recent years the Army developed focused attention towards decentralized subordinate leadership. In the Army’s collective mind, the complex battlefield of the future requires a leader to understand the situation quickly and seek the initiative before higher issues orders. A leader is a passionate professional who executes daily self-assessments, seeks the initiative and earns the […]

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Servant Leadership and Confucianism

Leadership practices are taught around the world, largely influenced by psychology, business management, and social sciences, while moral and ethical approaches are left by the wayside. The main ideas and concepts for servant leadership are; Honesty, integrity, trust, empowerment of others, modeling, and service. This is an examination of servant leadership and how it applies […]

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The Leadership Qualities of Beowulf

Hero’s is a person who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities.Beowulf was Epic poem about beowulf fighting three monsters and defeating two of them.The epic poem Beowulf describes the most heroic man of the Anglo-Saxon times. Beowulf is the hero He shows that he is a great man by always […]

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George Washington Leadership

1. Assess George Washington’s leadership performance using at least one leadership theory The Servant-Leadership theory is a practical philosophy that backs the leaders who choose service first, and then take their role as a way of making their service felt by individuals and institutions. Servant-leadership breeds collaboration, trust, and the ethical use of authority among […]

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Animal Farm Leadership and Corruption

Power can be obtained by anyone and everyone, regardless of their title or position. When one gains an immoderate amount of power, a form of government where all aspects of decision making are controlled by one leader may arise. In the book “Animal Farm” by George Orwell, the moral he tries to convey in the […]

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Importance of Leadership in Book by Rudolph Giuliani

After reading the book Leadership, I was fascinated by the amount of conviction and energy Giuliani demonstrated not only during his eight (8) year term as Mayor of New York City, but throughout his entire career as a United States Prosecuting Attorney. Giuliani was influenced by the leadership styles of many well-known historical leaders to […]

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History and Leadership

Introduction Leadership entails the capacity of adapting the prevailing setting so that every individual feels more empowered in contributing innovatively or creatively in matters relating to problem-solving and achieving the set objectives. In other words, leadership reflects the ability of the organization’s management in setting and achieving challenging objectives, taking decisive and swift actions, outperforming […]

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Personal Philosophy of Leadership

Throughout my years in the Army, I have developed my leadership philosophy based on the observations made of the good and bad leaders under which I have served. Good leaders always consider their soldiers first and put their needs in front of their own. My leadership philosophy has three major components that ensure leaders are […]

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Walmart Culture and Values: Leadership, & Ethics (Ce 3)

Introduction Wal-Mart being one of the successful companies whose success was majorly brought about by culture, is being used by learners to evaluate the role of cultures in companies and what it needs for a culture to make a company successful. In this essay therefore, am basing my arguments of the well understanding about the […]

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The Core Competencies of Effective Leadership

According to the Army Leadership Requirements Model, from here on out referred to as ALRM, there are ten individual competencies the effective leader should possess. The ALRM groups these ten individual competencies into the three categories and labels them core competencies. The core categories of leadership are to lead, develop, and to achieve. The strength […]

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The Effects of Joseph Stalin’s Leadership

Joseph Stalin is a globally recognized name for using dictatorial elements such as purges and labor camps to invoke terror. Nearly half of Russia, however, still view him as one of their greatest leaders. During his reign, Stalin caused the unjust death of 23 million people, many of whom were innocent Russian citizens (Wills). A […]

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Alexander The Great Had Extraordinary Leadership Skills

Rise and Shine Everyone! Time for us to defeat yet another city! How about one of the most powerful empires! These are some of the words that the determined Alexander the Great said. Alexander was born in 356 BCE in a city called Macedonia, where his parents King Philip, a leader of the Macedonian army […]

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Army and The Military Levels of Leadership

The Army and the Military are constructed of many levels through the method of rank. These ranks are greatly significant in allowing for order and efficiency. They do this by appointing progressively more experienced and educated soldiers to lead those less experienced through the means of effective leadership. However, there are different form of leadership, […]

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Between Transactional Leadership and Transformational Leadership

Alexander the Great was born in Macedonia in a Greek kingdom. As a kid, he was taught a variety of subjects such as government, philosophy, and poetry from Aristotle. Learning these subjects as a young child helped Alexander conquer nations later in his life. Alexander led his military into numerous victories and never accepted defeat […]

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The Narcissistic Vs The Compassionate Leaders

In the recent years, companies have been focusing their efforts on modifying their company mission and values to be more employee-focused rather than emphasizing only on profits. This boosts employee morale, satisfaction, and motivation to work harder. Our paper will analyze the exceptions in which prove that employee-driven companies do not always lead to successful […]

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United States Armed Forces With a Special Emphasis on The Army Itself

The Military has always been a dream of mine that I have been longing to fulfill ever since joining JROTC at my old high school. There are numerous reasons on why I want to be part of the most dominant force the world has ever seen, the United States armed forces with a special emphasis […]

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A Self-Reflection of Myself and the Areas I Want to Improve to Have a Transactional Leadership Style and Become a Transformational Leader

One of the most important ways to learn oneself is by self-awareness. Through the residency that was conducted in Denver, Colorado, I was able to find the areas that I was more of a transformational leader versus a transactional leader. The analysis of my results for the Multifactor Leadership Questionnaire (MLQ) Testing, showed specific characteristics of […]

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