What was the Influence of Feudalism

Empires and kingdoms faced many internal and external challenges to their rule. The three main type of challenges faced by the Romans, Chinese, and early medieval Europeans are Political problems, social problems, and Economic problems. It wasn’t easy to overcome these problems, but later Emperor overcome these problems by rules and laws.

Roman faced so many economic problems. Since Romans empire was very large, the government spend too much money to defend its borders. Its solution was to mint lots of money. This led to inflation. The trade, agriculture, and manufacturing declined due to the inflation. Many wealthy people stop paying taxes and the government rises the tax. The price of the goods increases, and poor farmers left their lands. This causes the food shortages. The Gracchus brothers attempt to solve this problem. They tried to help Roman’s poor and help giving land back to the poor. They bring the equality and reform to the lower classes people. During the middle ages there was competition between other cities and Italy. The conflicts let to many fights. Some king was at war with other kings. They fought each other to gain land but every time war was fought the taxes rise up. The feudalism system brought peace, social stability and structure to the middle ages. Chinese song dynasties government got big and to support the government, the government raised the taxes and northern China got taken over by the nomads.

Romans faced so many social problems and this problem causes of Roman Empire Fall. Since the taxes was too high some people stop paying taxes. People stop attending school and large number of people enslaved. People was start getting sick and there was not enough food to feed people. The empire was not loyal and a lack of patriotism as well as a Contrast between the poor and the rich. Finally, there was a decline population due to disease and famine. Early Medieval Europeans Christian people blame Jews for problem in the society, including famines, plagues and other social problems. So many people died because of this dise ase. It wiped 1/3 of the population. Medieval physicians developed cures to stop the disease. The main issue that the Catholic Church confronted in light of feudalism was rivalry for control both of mainstream and church matters. Medieval masters got a kick out of the chance to have finish control of their areas. They had control over their serfs and alternate laborers. They were the law. In china Confucian and Daoist supporters observed Buddhism’s developing impact, and they became jealous. At last in the ninth Century, Confucian scholar bureaucrats plotted to persuade the ruler to take the lands from the Buddhist religious communities through equal field system. The enormous public works projects embraced by the Sui undermined the social changes they had introduced. The Sui undermined their property re-dissemination system by driving their laborers to work at the Great wall and the Great Canal.

Many political problems faced by Romans. The Empire was too large, and it was hard to control all the empire for one emperor. Emperors after the Pax Romana were weak and most of the citizens experienced a loss of confidence, loyalty, and patriotism to the Roman Government. There Were Many Political Problems that prompt the Fall of Rome. Numerous people thought that being in a political office would be even more a burden then a reward, Also the military intruded with the officials. In Rome there was Civil War and distress in the Empire. There was likewise Division of the Empire. There were threats from northern European clans and they couldn’t shield themselves because of low assets for the military. Another military probe because of wants and starvation the military began draft non-roman nonnatives. There was less Patriotism and less loyalty between soldiers. During the early middle ages’ religion prompted numerous wars and political clashes. Battling was the most noticeably bad in France. Thousands of people died through the battles. During the middle ages the validity of the pope was threatened.

Empires and kingdoms faced many internal and external challenges to their rule. Romans, Chinese and Medieval Europeans faced my problems. Empires made few laws , rules and code to get ride out of this problem. Julius Caesar played a important to rise of the roman empire again. After he got the control of the government, he began a programmed of a social and government reform. Octavian rules the Rome with his undisputed power and he began a period of peace which is known as Pax Romana. Gracchus brothers bring equality and helped poor to get back their lands. Han Wudi establish bureaucracy and Han’s educational system established Confucianism. Lastly feudalism brought social stability and peace to the middle ages.