Feudalism in The Book Titled "Prophecy"

Renaissance was a great period existed in Earth. During that period, humans invented a lot of great inventions that we still use today. But it also carried feudalism and superstition. Leonardo Da Vinci’s quote was based on feudalism. It was about how two people can “live” inside one body. This quote is from a book named “Prophecies”. The meaning of prophecies is to predict the future. Dolan presented an idea that people in 16th or 17th centuries, people routinely ingested remedies containing human bones, blood and fat as medicine for everything from headaches to epilepsy. As far as we know, people used to eat human dead bodies to heal their illnesses.

Including most of the royal families, priests or even scientists. Because they classified human body as medicines. For example, even doctors from Germany used human fat as medicines to treat people who had gout. It sounds disguising nowadays. The reason why people started to believe that human body can heal illnesses, because there was a king who named King Charles II from England. He used human skull and alcohol as his tincture. From then, people though eating dead body can heal from illnesses. Most of the people thought blood was the most valuable thing in the body, because once a human die, their blood will soon drain out. Fresh blood means health and aggressive. Another reason was because people though blood contained with spiritual of the original host. Most people used human bodies when they were sick. Vinci’s first sentence of the quote refers to people who were dying, and they ate human dead bodies just to save their own lives, sacrificed others to save themselves.

Dolan also explains that “Spirit was considered a very real part of physiology, linking the body and the soul. In this context, blood was especially powerful. They thought the blood carried the soul, and did so in the form of vaporous spirits”. When people desired for blood, young people were preferred, because they had a strong body. Strong body means they had good spirit in their blood, strong enough to save them from serious illnesses. Or if there was a virginal girl, they considered clean and sacred. Dead bodies did not have blood. In order to gain fresh blood, most of people had to kill a young lady or a young man. That how they sacrificed others to preserve their own lives. Which explains the second sentence in the quote “In a dead thing insensate life remains which, when it is reunited with the stomachs of the living, regains sensitive and intellectual life”. When people drank blood or ate other body parts, they went to the stomach to digest. When they arrived at the stomach, they gained power from the previous owner, and they healed fast.

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