Oprah Winfrey’s Heroic Qualities

Heroes are often described as a person who is admired by their courage, achievements, and noble acts. There are various people today who are still looked up to as a hero. People who are recognized as a hero have made some impact on the world to be seen as a hero. A person like Oprah Winfrey made an impact, so she would be labeled as a hero today. Oprah Winfrey is an American hero who helped stand up for her beliefs and for injustice against child molestation. Without Oprah, America and the world would not see how much of an impact someone’s voice can make, and how powerful one individual can be.

On January 29, 1954, in Kosciusko, Mississippi a hero was born. Oprah’s childhood was challenging, but she still fought through those early battles in life. In Oprah’s early life, her parents were poor teenagers, who worked as a housekeeper and a barber (Rowley 2). In her youth, Oprah was repeatedly molested by other visitors who came while her mother was out at her job, and gave birth to a son who later died at a very young age (Goodman 1). Besides the troubled times Oprah faced in her adolescence, she loved education. Oprah was taught to read by her grandmother at a young age, and had a great interest in reading. Oprah went to Tennessee State University and studied communications. She first wanted to be famous and break her silence after she did not receive her undergraduate degree in school, and later became the first black female news anchor is what started the spark in her (Rowley 2).

It takes hard work to become a hero, so Oprah had to face various acts to accomplish her battle of being a victim to victory. Oprah first started getting recognized by being a co-host for her first show, People Are Talking, and served as an anchor while being a news reporter. She got noticed and was asked to host a Chicago talk show for half an hour, and less than a year later, Oprah turned AM Chicago into a hit show. Oprah later extended the show to an hour and renamed the show, The Oprah Winfrey Show (Dillion 2-3). While she was on the show, Oprah would share her beliefs and her past, tell about how she broke her silence, and how that made such an impact on her life today. Oprah would also feature in movies that would influence her life as a hero today. She had to face other struggles like how she did not make it in her education, so she had to fight harder than most people (Rowley 2).

Oprah has also started many charities and organizations that helped influenced her to break her silence and her education struggles. Charities and organizations like, The Oprah Winfrey Foundation and Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls. She really advocates and helps out with women’s rights and education rights (Dillion 2). Becoming a hero does not just happen overnight. Like Oprah, it took time and effort to become the hero she is for today’s society.

Oprah Winfrey is still alive and well today. Today, she is still in book clubs, working foundations, and still giving scholarships. She is still seen and viewed as a hero today, and is featured in many advertisements, commercials, and television shows today (Cash 1). Oprah has also received various awards for her heroic acts. For example, she has won medals and awards like the, Presidential Medal of Freedom, International Emmy Founders Award, and TCA Lifetime Achievement Award (Cash 1). She is still looked upon today also because of the organizations she helps out with today. She is still helping education organizations for young girls (Dillion 2). The legacy Oprah has left for the world today is by her strong voice and what she has fought for is how she is viewed on today. Her impact on people has helped out in various ways and she is still being active in her heroic acts today.

Heros today, are viewed as influential and inspirational to society. There are numerous people still looked upon as heros today. A hero looked upon today’s world is Oprah Winfrey. Oprah Winfrey has made a vast impact on people, America, and the world today. An American hero, like Oprah, has stood up for various rights and justices from her beliefs. When Oprah was in her youth, she was molested, and has broke her silence over the years. Heros do not just appear, they all have a start. Oprah was born in a town called Kosciusko, Mississippi where she was raised by her mother, father, and her grandmother. She grew up loving to read.

Oprah, later in life, went on to college, but did not get the scholarship that she wanted. Being a hero, there will be obstacles and bumps in the road, but if one is labeled a hero, they cannot stop fighting for their right or injustice. Oprah, in her earlier life had obstacles that she had to go through in her journey. Oprah began her early works in hosting in shows, being featured on talk shows, and was viewed on news cast as well. The recognition she received from being on television helped her be acknowledged. She then spoke about her past and confessed what had happened to her.

Oprah stood out to numerous people for speaking out against what she had struggled with. Lots of people today look up to Oprah Winfrey because of her strength and courage to fight the battle that she had been facing. She has many heroic traits like her noble act to stand up to her battle and her strength to say what her big obstacle was in her life that was weighing her down. The world without Oprah would not be completed, because one would not understand how much of an impact she applies to today’s society. Her heroism has touched many lives by her courage and the voice she has.

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