Reading a Book or Watching a Movie

Nowadays, people often read books or watch movies to entertain themselves in their free time. Since the film was invented, the use of the book has vanished a lot. However, some argue that the film has negative effects on both the individual and society, because it makes us lazy and not very communicative to other people. Others support watching movies, stating that it is more entertaining and convenient. Reading books makes people more interactive and open minded.

Movies are a much more exciting and intense form of entertainment. It presents a series of actions, emotions and takes the audience to the story in a much more structured way than what the reading books can produce. One can watch a movie within 2 or 3 hours. This is one of the key reasons why most people prefer watching movies than reading a book. Instead of taking a couple of hours or days reading a novel, they want to see it for 2 hours and get over it. However, that’s as far as movies go.

Books have shown again and again that they are more valuable than any other literary technological advancement tool that man has. They are more attractive than movies, and a reader can go deeper and understand the content more than they would for a movie. First, the books show an original version, that is, the version written by the same author. Normally, the best explanations, phrases and descriptions are found in the book because they are those of the author, the creator of the book. All the ideas in the book are the true descriptions, without alterations. Reading allows the reader to develop their mind, either to imagine or conceptualize. Words allow the reader to improve their thoughts, making them more fluid. For example, a person who has read a good book can argue better than someone who has not. This is because you do not need time to know how to express your ideas, just ‘come out’ without any problems.

As an example, I will present my case: In these days of holidays they have returned to put on TV the saga of Harry Potter and I can not help but think that, as a fan of this saga of books, the films degenerated into a lack of ‘love’ for the books, the plot and even its characters, often losing the coherence of the story.

In conclusion, the books are a timeless treasure. They are more detailed and are highly informative and educational compared to a movie. The authors are not limited by time and budget constraints such as movie editors. Technological changes have little impact on the effectiveness of the book whose greatest value is not found in the paper on which it is written, but in the content of the pages. The books will definitely stand out during the next two unlimited centuries. The book produces an emotional connection between the reader and the characters in the book and is deeply endearing and compelling. A film requires actors to emulate the plot and behave in a certain way, but human beings are prone to deficiencies and some end up not acting or behaving as expected, so viewers find that some films are not satisfactory in comparison with the characters that are vividly described in the books.

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