Child Labor in America

Can you imagine that somewhere in the world, there are so many children that are being mistreated daily? So many children have lost their rights and privilege to become a child labor without a choice. Once a child is forced into labor, all their hopes and dreams become a figment of their imagination. However, how can we come together with the right resources and help stop child labor in America. As mentioned by Roggero, Mangiaterra, Bustreo, and Rosati (2007), “Child labor is one important global issue that is associated with poverty, inadequate educational opportunities, gender inequality, and a range of health risks” (para. 5).

Across American, we have heard about children that are exploited for the use of work slaves or sex trafficking. Not only in America, but other countries are forcing children into labor such as Uganda, Africa, and China. Joseph Kony, the commander and chief of Lord’s Resistance Army, LRA in Uganda have captured many children and turned them into child labors and part of his army. In order to stop such an act towards Joseph Kony, people from around the world came together to figure out a plan to stop Joseph Kony. Children rights are to protect them to make sure that they are getting the proper nutrition, they are kept mentally and emotionally stable, as well being able to just enjoy being a child.

The children that have been captured by Joseph Kony, what type of life or childhood would they experience? In an advance of solving these problems dealing with child labor, we have to focus as citizens and come together with other organizations such as the International Labour Organization, ILO, that help to promote your rights at work, to have a decent employment, and protect you against work related issues. In an advance of solving these problems, we have to focus as citizens and educate ourselves to work together in freeing children from such acts such as not buying from countries that support child labor, and write letters to important leaders of international countries that supports child slavery asking them to come up with ways to come together and help enforce laws against child labor. Child labour is very much complex and has remain a widespread issue throughout the world. If these children are giving a fair chance of living a normal childhood, think about how they can make changes to our future for the better.

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