The Article About Child Soldiers

After Ishmael is captured by the military he is controlled to be a soldier. The military takes away all his cloth and stuff and gives him a uniform. Ishmael is heart broken when the pants that the cassettes were in are destroyed. Ishmael explains in the book “I ran toward the fire, but the cassettes had already started to melt tears formed in my eyes and my lips shook as I turned away”. During this time ishmael is deprived of his music but kept on a steady diet of drugs and violent war movies. This was the end of ishmael innocence, the end of his childhood joy. It was just all a nightmare for ishmael when he had to look to kill someone at just the age of twelve he had kill people,ishmael want through all that. 91%

In sierra leone the conflicting group didn’t just shoot each other to death. They cut off fingers and slicing open stomachs. When ishmael first join in sierra leone military, he can’t believe what he seen. he comes across four men lying on the group their uniforms soaked with blood. He says in A long way gone “one of them lay on his stomach his insides were spilling onto the ground. I turned away and my eyes caught the smashed head of another man.Something inside his brain was still pulsating and he was breathing i felt nauseated,everything began to spin around me the sight is unbearable” for ishmael he knows that these type of acts are not normal, but a fellow soldier says to him, ‘’ you will get used to it’’. Over time ishmael does get use to it, not because he wants to, but because he has no choice, he didn’t have no choice he was doing what he was told to do and that was to kill or they were going to kill him.

It seems never ending this stuff still goes on in sierra leone and countries all around the world but where it happens the most is africa they have it the worst in africa as many as 300,000 children are forced be serving all the armed conflicts around the world. Boys and girls some as young as seven serve in government forces and armed opposition groups, all these boys and girls dont have a choice like ishmael, they have to do what their told. According to Billy Briggs in the Article about child soldiers he states that it is not just Sierra Leone that has children soldiers Countries like afghanistan, Myanmar Nigeria, Somalia, South sudan, Syria, and Yemen have them too. Afghanians have national police and three armed groups including taliban force. Myanmar internal armed conflicts have seen children widely used by both state armed forces and