Nigeria The Terrorist Group Boko Haram Recruited 2,000 Child Soldiers

Nigeria the terrorist group boko haram recruited 2,000 child soldiers in 2016. Somalia round 150 children were reportedly abducted for recruitment. South sudan estimated 17,000 children since 2013. Syrian more than half of children recruited in cases verified by UNICEF in 2015 were under 15. Yemen there have been nearly 1,500 cases of child recruitment in yemen since the cycle of poverty and power does not change while foreign interests compete for what little the country has.Both innocent victims and brutal killers, child soldiers live a pitiful life at the mercy of ruthless rebels. From ages seven and up all forced to be in the armed group.

All of this stuff mostly happens in Africa the spot for the abuse of children in war. They live off in the bush because they are afraid, removed from their families, their fate in the hands of horrible rebels who give them drugs and they carry weapons that are often bigger than themselves. These are the child soldiers around the world. They are both innocent victims and brutal killers.Sierra leone known as having the world’s worst living condition. Sierra leonean prospects for improvement are better this year as the country begins to recover from a 10 year civil war. Its outline and economy destroyed by the war, sierra leone still the last on the list of 173 nations rated by the united nations development program. Children are still being forced to be soldiers to this day it never seems to end for these innocent children. Both innocent victims and brutal killers, child soldiers live in a life at the mercy of ruthless rebels.

Ishmael had a hard life and bad nightmare when UNICEF remove him from the war, they aren’t prepared for the way the experience changed them ,they don’t know what they went through the hoffic thing they seen and the things they were forced to do. Ishmael says in the book “It hadn’t crossed their minds that a change of environment wouldn’t immediately make us normal boys we were dangerous, and brainwashed to kill’’. The were taught how to act and the officials needed to learn how to rehabilitate them. The boys assume they will be sent back to the front of the lines and don’t really have a problem with that, but instead they are taken to the Benin home which is other facility. This time having to learn their lessons” ‘’ the MPs made sure to search us thoroughly before we entered. In the facility many boys brought in drugs, this was not the case in Benin home.” Healing is a slow process.

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