Stricter Regulations on Gun Violence Needed

The dangers of not adding more restrictions is more gun violence. If the regulations necessary to obtain a firearm are not stricter then there’s more chances of people owning guns who shouldn’t. For example private sellers don’t have to do any form of background checks. No background checks means a criminal or someone who is mentally ill could obtain a firearm. Now someone who is unstable has the chance to own a gun. Most of the mass shooting that have occurred have supposedly been caused by people who have mental illnesses. Those who are mentally ill should not be allowed to own firearms.

Criminals should also not be allowed to obtain a firearm. With stricter laws and regulations those people would have more difficulty in getting their hands on dangerous weapons. Gun accidents are not just mass shootings, they sometimes happen in homes on accident. Accidents happen all the time, there have been some reports of accidental shootings. There have been news reports on how children mistake a real gun for a toy gun or accidentally take off the safety lock and injure someone else. Locked up guns don’t automatically mean no danger. The danger doesn’t stop with hurting others, some people find access to guns and end up hurting themselves.

Although stricter gun regulations will not end gun violence it will decrease the rate of deaths and injuries caused by gun violence. The harder it is to obtain guns the less chances there are of having more gun violences. Stricter regulations could prevent those who are mentally ill from obtaining them. It could also prevent criminals from getting access or at least lower the chances of them getting access to weapons.The restrictions could save so many lives. Over the past few years thousands of people have died due to gun violence. The government should care enough about its people to take the time and find ways to lower the risk of gun violence.

Freedom is important but the lives of people should be more valuable than the right to own a gun. If there had been stricter gun laws in the past so many people would still be alive today, a vast majority of the school shooting for one could have been prevented, or other public shootings like the one that happened at a nightclub in Orlando Florida a few years ago. If those mentally ill people didn’t have access to firearms then the people who dies in those shootings would have been here today, there have been many tragic losses of loved ones due to gun violence. Gun control has proven to work in other countries so the government should try to imply some of those regulations in the U.S.

Gun control is a very important political issue today. There should be more obstacles to go through in order to purchase a gun for the safety of others. In doing so many lives would be protected. Guns should not be banned just made harder to access so those who own them are mentally stable and capable of owning them.