More Restrictions on Gun Laws Needed

Research shows that in 2019 alone there have currently been 4,149 incidents involving gun violence. The number of reported deaths is currently 1,152. Studies have shown that when a ban was placed on assault weapons the number of deaths have decreased. Once the ban expired the gun violence increased. It was also shown that states with stricter gun laws have had fewer gun violence. Although stricter restrictions would interfere with the second amendment’s right to bear arms the government should make the current process of obtaining a gun stricter to ensure the safety of others.

Currently in most states they run two background checks along with a state and a federal check. In other states private sellers can sell guns without performing a background check. Most people typically pass the background checks if they don’t have a criminal record. That means some people who are mentally ill also have access to obtaining a firearm because they were not legally considered mentally ill.

For example in the shooting that occured in Parkland Florida, the shooter legally obtained a rifle even though he was considered a vulnerable adult because he had a mental illness, he was able to obtain the firearm since he was not ruled mentally ill by a judge. For those who voluntarily admitted to a health facility could mark no on the form saying they were never instituted for mental purposes. If someone was involuntarily instituted then they must mark yes for being committed to a mental facility. This is how people who are mentally ill get to obtain firearms.

The republican stand is that guns laws are an infringement on an individual’s right to bear arms. On a poll 79% said there should not be stricter regulations. They believe stricter regulations would oppose the freedom of the people. The democratic stand is that there should be stricter regulations on how to obtain a firearm. On a poll 81% said there should be stricter regulations. They believe the regulations would keep the people safer. The less guns around the less chances of having gun violence.

Research has shown that after a ban on assault weapons was put into effect the number of gun violence had decreased. There were fewer reports. Once the ban had expired the number of gun violence increased steadily. The ban did not get rid of all firearms but made it more difficult to obtain them at the time. According to science alert, there have been over 130 studies provided evidence that gun control saves lives. They proved that more gun restrictions meant there were fewer deaths.

Each study dealt with different laws to see if there would be different outcomes. Their studies have shown that it requires more than just a few laws to make a difference. They had to work out a couple of laws that would work together in order to see a significant number of results. It was not said exactly what laws those countries used in order to see change, it was only said that they found a way to make change for the better. They all required permits and licenses as for in some places in the U.S licenses are not always needed. It was shown that states that did not require licenses for firearms had higher rates of gun violence.

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