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Microsoft’s Success in Communicating its Corporate Social Responsibility to Employees

In any given business, how the company communicates both internally and externally is very important. During strategic organizational changes that will affect how the company conducts its operations, carefully considered communication may be the only differentiating factor between success and failure for all the stakeholders of the organization. This study aims to evaluate and analyze […]

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Professional Wrestling

Introduction Professional wrestling is currently very popular among all ages of both male and female across America. The fans of wrestling participate in event phenomenon by attending either televised or life wrestling events, wrestling organizations or wearing attires depicting wrestlers as well as talking with other counterpart fans (Price, 2012). There exist several  documents and […]

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A Speech on Managing Social Communication Disorders

I take this opportunity to extend my greetings to all and offer my appreciation for this chance. The perception that communication disorder equates to total affliction is broad. These conditions are not only manageable but also are within the realms of fully being eliminated through the active therapeutic channels and regular counter habits. The inability […]

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Margot Lee Shetterly was Born in 1969 and Grew up in Hampton

Margot Lee Shetterly was born in 1969 and grew up in Hampton, Virginia. She is an alumnus of the University of Virginia, where she studied business. After finishing college, she worked several years in investment banking, and ventured into other career moves. Her career paths included the media and tourism industry; she was a writer […]

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Reflective Essay: Public Speaking

Public speaking is a skill that is extremely important in a career in the business field mainly but can play a part in most if not all career paths you decide to choose. Because I have been interested in pursuing a career in the business field I feel that public speaking skills are one of […]

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The Value of Social Media Age Restrictions

Signing up for a social media account is simple to do, but hard to get out of. Not having yet developed the traits of responsibility and initiative, it is acceptable to say children are not quite ready to be on social media. In the article “The Importance of Social Media Age Restrictions” it mentions “At […]

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Age Restrictions in Voting

I believe it’s time for a change. I believe it’s time for America to wake up and decide that they want that change. We cannot continue to allow people to determine our future and run our country, who have no idea of the real problems in society today. So, why are we? A nine year […]

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