Ruby Nell Bridges Going To School

During the early 1900s segregation was going on which was called Jim Crow Laws. Which was Afican amercian and white people, was segregated they had to attend different bathroom, restaurants,  schools, and many other stuff to. Here where Ruby Bridges come alone.

On September 8, 1954 Ruby Nell Bridges was born before Ruby was born her parents( Abon and lucille bridges) were sharecroppers working day and night non stop, Until ruby dad got a job as a gas station attendant. When ruby was 6 her and her family moved to louisiana. That when a big impact change Ruby life. One day Ruby mother got a call saying that her daughter ruby will be able to attend William Frantz Elementary School because 7 other students had to take a test including Ruby to see can they can attend that all white school.Ruby father didn’t want ruby to go but ruby mother insist to let ruby go.

On the next day ruby got ready to attend her new school for the first time and her mother said this in the car“ Now go up there to that school and behave yourself’’ when she arrived at the school her mother had told Ruby that she will be escorted by 4 marshals front to back. People were throwing stuff and saying words like’’5 6 7 8 we don’t want to interrogate’’ but ruby did not fear them at all when she got in the school.That when she became the first Afican american girl to integrate into an all white school.

She was immediately escorted into the principal office where she stayed there all day during the hours white people were taking their children out of their classroom because they did not want their child to be in a school with a afican american, throughout the days there was only one teacher who would teach ruby and her name was Ms.Barbara Henry. Later on in the months ruby learn how to read and write for the first time and people were still protesting 1-2 weeks later ruby was on break.

When the break was over people that were protesting stop two parents brought the kids back to school. On May 17 1954 The Brown vs Board of Education law was passed and segregation was over. Ruby graduated from William Frantz Elementary school and middle,and high school. Became a travel agent got married(Malcolm hall). One of her famous quotes was “Racism is a disease and we must stop using our children to spread it’’

Segregation was very harsh in the early 1900 if you was one color you go to that side if you was another color you will go to that side. Afican american had no equal treatment unlike white people. But until one amazing girl came on long to tried to stop it Ruby bridges was important in that movement she learned courage and bravery when she kept her head straight when people were threatening her. Ruby made a big impact to stop segregation.