Reflection: A Biblical Worldview

A biblical worldview is a lens or presupposition, through the filter of the Bible, that changes the perspective of which you look at a situation, fact, or anything else. Any worldview, biblical or not, relates to psychology, and even the little things, like how you interpret a sentence, are affected, as demonstrated by Mr. Thomas in “Why All Other Psychologies Bow at the Foot of the Bible”. Notions that come from a biblical worldview, shape how Christians see psychology. Legitimate psychology is anything that educates us about how our minds and bodies work. For example a study on how different environments affect our mental state. While illegitimate psychology is anything that has a spiritual element that isn’t paired with a biblical truth but instead, man’s ideas of a cure. This could include prescribed medication used as the only route to happiness. We are to use the Bible as a shield when deciphering new information to be positive that we aren’t depending on man alone, but instead on God.

A secular theory, such as Adler’s, can be created while aligning with some biblical truths because we are all children from the same Creator. We follow habits that line up with one another and form patterns that can be studied. Yet, in the world of a secular psychologist, there is not a proper acknowledgment of God. Thus, the study begins to circle one person rather than a person and God.

As Christians, we must realize the primary place that the Bible should take in our lives. The importance that comes to the book because it’s God’s words left on earth for us. We must take every piece of information we get from things and people around us and sift out what’s God’s truth from man’s. This means knowing the Bible and what God’s truth is instead of accepting what we are told regardless of where or who we hear it from. God’s word instructs us to “be ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you” (1 Peter 3:15) While this verse is about witnessing or persecution, it can be lent to this situation because we must know the Bible so well that we can defend the stance we take with the Bible versus some of the Psychology that would stand against it.

When Dr. Thomas was talking about how others could misinterpret what we see to be founded in Biblical truth, it hit me how much of a worldview I have, that others might not. I take it for granted that everyone views what I see, the way I see it, and that is not the case. Without the Bible, the world becomes egocentric and loses the humility that God longs for us to have. That’s a concept that causes me to take a step back to grasp.