Professional Wrestling


Professional wrestling is currently very popular among all ages of both male and female across America. The fans of wrestling participate in event phenomenon by attending either televised or life wrestling events, wrestling organizations or wearing attires depicting wrestlers as well as talking with other counterpart fans (Price, 2012). There exist several  documents and magazines available ad accessible to the wrestling fans  to learn more about the spectacle sports, and thousands of numerous toys and collectibles that are linked to professional wrestling since it took the its popularity in the 1980s (Bowman, 2013). I choose this topic since it is very easy for the fan to access the information and participate in wrestling in many different ways.  It is possible for the fans to surf the web and get graphics, results, interviews, pictures and news about their organizations and favorite wrestlers. It is perceived both as a movie for entertainment purpose and also as a sport that play the same entertainment role to its viewer (Bowman, 2013).

Professional wrestling

Wrestling as a professional sport as be depicted as a “rednecks” entertainment or for groups of obscure individuals (Mazer, 2016). To some people wrestling is a fake game which is considered suitable to mindless and those with simple minds. Wrestling’s popularity has however exploded in the past three years attracting audience of all gender and ages. Communication has also playing a very big role in wrestling. Media has been flooded with the wrestling pop ups, adverts and news.  It is through communication that the fans tend to get updates, news and even the history of their favorite wrestlers. The federation of world wrestling is becoming the cable television’s most popular show. If one could examine the images portrayed on the screen in their programs, it could be surprising to learn what exactly attracts the masses to the screen (Price, 2012). The federation of world wrestling has life like stories the run for weeks a month’s just like soap operas of the day time. Different aspects such as the language, attitude, sexual materials and violence are used clearly to attract the audience minds and attention.

The mode of communication in professional wrestling is one of the most important factors that attract fans (Bowman, 2013). The federation takes kind of topics and changes them accommodate several wrestlers. Such life stories revolve around the social society and may include; an employee who is disgruntled taking revenge on his or her employer, a wedding turning sour, sexually obsessed wrestlers, old women fighting under drugs influence or ever a wrestler grabbing opponents genitals. There are several communication aspects that are very relevant to wrestling sport as a social and economic aspect of life (Mazer, 2016). Several theories revolve around wrestling. Such theories are very important aspect in communication as they make the best away of analyzing the wrestling as a sport to meet the social phenomena in real life situation. The wrestling theory with an activist analysis gender as a very important aspect guiding the formation of social structure.  The social structure is strongly embedded into the individual interaction that influences the trans-gender responsibilities.

To my opinion, the controversial angle cancers,  although it is a true life topic is not supposed to have taken place since there are so many people who nurse their beloved cancer  victims and so this  to my opinion was not the most appropriate television portray. Nevertheless the wrestlers farther is tested cancer positive (Mazer, 2016). Antagonistically, another wrestler attempts so many awful thing to make the big show life more miserable. The boss man invokes the big show by sending a messenger to inform him about the death of his farther. A very disturbing scene in created in the event when burial ceremony is held outside (Oliver & Johnson, (2017). The big show is mourning his father’s demise while at the same time the boss man passes by driving his car and eventually hits the big man. He then ties the casket and drags it to the back of his car. Seeing this the big man jumps to the casket at the back of the boss man’s car. The cancer angle until this point seem extremely sad and serious, but with the big show surfing the casket, the moods rejuvenates. Revenge and retaliation will serve the situation as the big show resolve to beating up the boss man to an extent of bloody mess. In real sense all this is a fallacy and fictional (Kaelberer, 2016). None is true but it give a very shocking implication that taps the attention of so many people. The topic on the television becomes more outrageous than the jerry springer’s episode. Such entertainments have extreme cable rating and attract the attention of millions of fans.  Federal and professional wrestling are ranked just second behind (Oliver & Johnson, 2017). Even though these outrageous episode may upset so many people, it is highly accepted and enjoyed by so many adults and teenagers in America. The American society by having the world wrestlers’ federation becomes more sensitized to mater pertaining violence and sex and therefore such television displays are just okay to them. Although it may sound immoral and unacceptable by the society, there is mushrooming of pornography in American and violence is the order of the news.

Wrestling in the American society take the biggest two topics which are converted to a show that take two hour session. The citizens have accepted this to extend that they are willing to pay and watch the session (Kaelberer, 2016). The audience of this session have taken two different dimensions where by some wrestling fan view it as pure entertainment while  there are those people trust and believe on what they see in the television. Wrestling is sometimes criticized as a cultural phenomenon that has injected so many aspect to the negative culture to the American society. Those who are willing to watch such threatening episodes are believed to say very less to the community. The professional wrestling opponent accuse and criticize it for contributing towards deterioration of culture and the values of the American society (Price, 2012). The fact that the American society is in high demand for the quick fixes and gratification of the entertainment, wrestling phenomena will be acted despite the distraction from its opponents.


Wrestling play two very important roles in the structuring of the American society. It is perceived both as a movie for entertainment purpose and also as a sport that play the same entertainment role to its opposed to the critics from its opponents, wrestling does not in any way deteriorate the norms and the culture of the society but rather it plays …..First Draft……

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