Reasons Worth Paying College Athletes

College athletes are undoubtedly some of the best working people in the universe. College football players are working hard and winning games. They don’t get paid for it. College football players should get paid for playing the sport they sign up for because it would attract better athletes who stay in the programs longer, they would focus on their academics and the program, and it could create college credits that could be used toward graduation.

It will make better athletes stay in the program longer. The athletes that have a chance in the NFL is gone give them a better journey toward a higher paycheck. If the college athletes were getting paid for attending a program they will be tryna to get there degree. They will be drafted to the NFL and complete there dream.

They will have to get there academics and the program. Paying college athletes for there participation will make them not get an outside job to support themself. Many scholarships may offer the thing that they want for themself but they were not looking for scholarships just for the sport. Paying all athletes would allow them to focus on the work and not making ends meet.

If we would create a college credit they could be used for them to graduation. The benefits of work-study can give a supplement of credit earned while playing sports. They could use some of the things they learn for the stuff they get paid for later and it will help them in the real world. It can have college athletes pick their things to want to do in life.

Some people might say that it would become a burden on taxpayers. Private institutions would likely increase tuition rates to meet the financial obligations involved. Those burdens could stop some students from enrolling for academic purposes, which would create lower-skill workers overtime throughout the country. It could create college credits that could be used toward graduation.

Then I will come back and say it provides relief for their families. Outside of student loans for a partial scholarship or walk-on athletes, it is up to each family to pay for the student to be at the school. Paying the athlete would provide some financial relief to these families, which may not have the funds to make long-term supports for them.

If you pay the football players they will stay in the program longer. And it will help their family for a long time. It will help them focus on their degree. And help them chosen what they want to do in life and make good life things for them. And it will have more people come to there program and stay. The college football player work hard to get there and they do not get paid and they paid to get in there. The person against you should have the same thought because if you were in there shoes you feel the same way.

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