Personal Music Reflection

Music is more than just a hobby to pass by the time. It is a universal language for all, that connect people from all around the world. If you listen, the lyrics and instrumentals of any song will provide insight into what an artist may be feeling and thinking when it was composed, and more importantly, it can provide insight into how a listener is feeling and thinking as they listen in. Though it may be act chosen subconsciously, people tend to choose what music to listen to depending on how they are feeling at a given time. And if you were to pay attention to what they choose and try to find why exactly why they chose that particular song, then you will begin to uncover another world. Understanding the full power of music and it abilities to convey has changed my life.

Music can also be a reflection of what we did in the past that can sometimes haunt us, in some cases, in order to reflect on these activities. In this case, the essential part to have music in our lives has been a relevant factor to improving our experiences and actions in the present day within our own personal lives. The reason behind this is that music is an interpretation of what you are feeling towards other individuals, scenarios, and experiences, or if you are expressing your own self. . The use of rhythm, flow, and singing can creates an artistic presentation that can allow anybody listening to it to reflect on their current activities. Whenever there is music around, it has the capability to stimulate the senses of someone, as to which they can reflect their personal values and core in order to improve their awareness.

Music has taught me the importance of diversity. Wherever you go or whatever you may do, there will always be people of various backgrounds, displaying tremendous variations of personalities. To be a more conducive member of society, it is important to realize that it is through diversity that which the world becomes a magical place. Music allows us to understand the beauty that diversity holds. You are not prescribed to one genre of music or one artist. Instead, you can spend three minutes on Christian rock and the next on RB&B. It is all on your own personal music preference. There is not limit on what you can enjoy, no matter how many different types of music there may be.

Music has changed my life personally because it is a reminder of how we are going to change our lifestyle to become a more optimistic human being. There is a drive from inside you that can enhance your personal concept to improve self- awareness and conviction, which can ultimately become productive and competitive. The melody creates a new window to the soul of every individual by engaging them in a reminiscing way from their past lives or activities. It makes me realize that there’s more chance to prove myself by becoming a productive individual in my own career and lifestyle. Music is a guide for myself by encouraging myself to become a role model to other individuals by being aware of what is happening to my present activities that can guide my future plans. Whenever I hear music, there are components that are conceived from the lyrics for me to move forward and adapt new things in order to improve my own lifestyle.

Music has showed me love. I am in love with music, because it is what gave me my first lessons on life. Tracks from the 70’s and 80’s have brought me a deeper connection with my parents and grandparents, which have helped us develop a closer and more loving bond, while country albums have shown me that life isn’t all about material things and to just love someone despite their difference. My favorite artists have shown me that being different is okay, as long as you love who you are and love what you do. Love is more than a four-letter word, it can create a further connection to the world around us that can only be accomplished by paying attention to the music we listen to.

The positive changes that music has made into my life is all about the optimism. It has been a factor that has improved the way that I view my social and emotional well-being, which is responsible for influencing positive thoughts and perspective on things. Whenever I hear music, it increases my self-awareness to become more aware of the future activities and roles that I may be involved in in the near future. The result of improving my self-awareness is important because when I hear music, I analyze my past actions and create better guidelines to follow that will help me become a better person in the future. Optimism can decrease the ability to relieve anxious feelings because it can generate a creative aspect of improving your own personal values and perceptions with recent actions.

Music can changes a person’s emotional well-being because of the way music always attempts to engage in a way that a person will need to consider their position, action, and/or values. With the process of music, it allows every individual to influence their inner values to intertwine with their emotional well-being. The influence of music can stimulate trust with your personal self and create a professional confidence by increasing your ability to improve your knowledge, skill, and feelings. I realized that when you appreciate the changes applied by music, this means that you are ready to adjust to the new lifestyle that is followed by others. Having a desire to change is important because it means that you are able to accept most of your mistakes that are relevant to every person who wants to create a meaningful transformation in their lifestyle as well as their lives in the future.

One song, whether it be three minutes or seven minutes, words or insturments, has the power to open your mind and emotions to a new state. No matter what your music preference, the lessons are the same. Music is the universal language, you just have to listen.