Image Analysis Essay of an Advertisement


Men’s magazines are always concerned about the interest of their subscribers. For one, they are most concerned about what men love doing most which are what they often do when they are on their leisure time. For instance, the topic of interest might include alcohol and beverages, hunting and fishing, politics, travel and tourism and most importantly dating. Also, an advert that has something about an interview with wealthy and famous men, then they might consider the advert to suit them since it is about something that has their interest. People might be interested in some comedy and cartoons that are mostly about sexual matters.

These kind of magazines are not particularly meant for the reason of having fun, humor or fiction, some of these magazines the main stay is because they have photographs that have beautiful women that are wearing little or no clothing at all. This essay is to analyze how to sell men’s magazine at Che’ advertisement in the computer world magazine has always used a phrase to equate the product in a manner that it will be better in the dream world.The Che advertisement uses a phrase that is to associate the product that will lead to a better dream world. The text that is at the bottom of the poster has a significant meaning to most of the clients. Men always have the impression that they can contact the young woman whenever interested.

Contrary to this, they are always fantasizing that they can make a call to the lady. To quote, “Let us keep on dreaming of a better world.” The advertisement always emphasizes or campaigns for the “better world” which gives the impression that it will be fun to be in that particular world. Also, men always believe that the fun will be close or near the near the person that they see in the picture. At the reasonable print there is the logo that identifies the product that the advertisement is selling, and in this case, it is Che, and this is a men’s magazine. The model is featuring a young lady on the routine basis which will lead to the benefit of the company. Whenever a customer buys or subscribes to this magazine, then they can easily access the “better world” for there is a guarantee. The female model that appears on the advertisement is always shown from behind which makes the viewer see the lady as an object and not a person in a real sense.

The primary emphasis is on her body, and that is why her face is not revealed at any cost. People are after viewing her body since that is what they are interested in and not her face. The body will be used in attracting more men in buying the magazine for most of them are anxious about what is inside. The lady should be dressed in a way that all her body will be exposed. The lady should be the leading figure in the picture forgetting the rest of the features. The major attracting thing that will be the eye of the town is the dress code. She is to wear a short skirt that should show some parts of her buttocks. The fact that there is the display of the number, it means that the viewer has the chance to get the phone. The model approaching a trolley is a clear symbol that there is a linking that she needs to bring about with the train that will be used to take her to her destination.

The train is the opportunity that men have for reaching the magazine. They have to grab the chance that is being given to them for them to arrive at the destination and know the place where they can quickly locate and get the magazine. It means that if the viewer was present, then they might have met her which will lead them to the destination that they both wanted to get to earlier on. The text, “don’t miss the train” tells men that they should take action which is the language of trading this magazine to the people interested. There should be a particular means of transport that will be used in transporting the two to the destination that they intend to have fun. So, there being the lady and the train on the advertisement picture is a clear emphasizes for the means of transport to be used.


Men and women are interested in different things and especially when it comes to reading the news from the magazines. There is the kind of news that women are interested in and men too which bring out the difference between the two genders. If there is an advertisement about women, apparently we should be expecting something like kitchen utensils, about their health and the way they should dress. Men’s magazines always advertise something to do with food, sex, business careers, travel, and tourism, etc. from the advertisement for Che’s men magazine it makes it clear that most people are interested in the “better world”. For this particular ad, it means that to men, life will not get better than it is now. (WORD COUNT: 856)

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