Street Art as Morality

The history of psychiana

Psychiana was known to be a mail-order based on religion. However, one had to send the orders off with regards to these courses by correspondence. It was founded by Moscow druggist and as a result changed Moscow forever (Thompson, 2007). A new thought which was created by Frank Bruce Robinson back in 1928. Specifically, it recruited many people via advertising based on popular magazines together via direct mail solicitations. On the fist advertisement that was for psychiana, was panned by Robinson as he took it around to local publishers. In addition, it displayed a picture of Robinson himself having a headline, “I TALKED WITH GOD (literally and actually, I did).”  (Thompson, 2007).

There are those who expressed their interests on his promises of wealth, health, and happiness as they responded to one of the ads. However, were provided with a series based on bi-weekly lessons through a mail but on a subscription model. Robison started a publishing company as he had his own printing press. These seemed to help on proving for several books his own based on spiritual themes (Thompson, 2007). Actually, his start began from the lots he advertised as he had a vision based on someone who was standing over a dead body on a cot.  However, he happens to send him a letter and in response, the guy sent him $ 16,000.

He used the cash to pay for the advertising as he used to advertise in pulp magazines and this was a bit cheap (Thompson, 2007). People could afford as they only wanted to hear his message that was, things could get better and that was back in the ’30s. Specifically, in response at the height, he used to get 60,000 pieces of mail each day. However, in 1948, Robinson died. The family had to keep it going till around 1953. His wife together with son never gave up on attending church when they took over psychiana (Thompson, 2007).

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