How to Prevent Animal Abuse?

Imagine seeing animals severely beaten to death, homeless, starving with no food, and living in filth. Unfortunately during this world today more animals and pets have tragically passed away from animal cruelty, causing a decrease in over all population. Animals and pets today only have a sixty-four percent chance of living, which is an ever-growing problem in our society due to the huge factor that the death rate will soon exceed the birth rate for our furry friends. There are several possible solutions to address the issue with animal abuse, including the awareness of social media, shelters, and donations.

With so many animals that are getting misemployed and beaten to death, the need for action is imperative. Pets are one of the major groups of animals that are getting mistreated due to the fact that often behavioral issues from both humans and pets are relevant. “Animal cruelty is recognized as a crime throughout this country as exemplified in state and federal laws…,” explains Roger H. Humber. The world can’t see that animals are getting misled by their caretakers, but with the creation of social media there is a broader audience that is now aware of animal abuse. Websites uses social media to reveal information for justice for these crimes. In addition, social media sources are educational on exploitation and abuse. This leads to more people doing more research on the importance of animal welfares. On the other hand, advertisement on social media cause a significant amount of money that could be used to supply the needs of animals. With social media, if posting animal cruelty people would have to be careful to not misinterpret the wrong message that will offend anyone. Using social media to address this issue, will help the world notice animal abuse.

Animal shelters would help the following animals that are homeless with diseases, wounds, and that are mostly injured. Animal shelters are rescuing pets that have been thrown out, and abused more than ever before. “Law enforcement practitioners are made aware of the significance of the animal abuser and possible dynamics of further inappropriate behavior on the part of the offender,” Humber affirms. Animal shelters provide facilities that have animal control officers who are connected to the government. In addition, the shelter advocates are people who love and care for animals, then assist to adopt from the shelter rather than buying from a breeder. According to the history line of animals abused, without shelters, animals would be starving, and spreading diseases. However, some shelters are still killing animals due to overcrowding. There are now many shelters and rescue groups with a no kill policy. Yet, no-kill shelters fill up quickly. So, they must turn animals away or house them in tight space which is a huge problem due to our society. Therefore, there is an estimated total of 70 million abused and homeless animals in United States. With that estimated total, shelters has raised funds from donation and fundraiser to help give to the fragile animals.

More shetlers operate on very little funding and need government and public donation to pay for there daily operation. Donations and fundraisers are ways of rescuing animals, providing medical care, protection, and finding loving homes. Fundraisers advocate through speaking the word about animal experiments to new audiences. “Over the past 25 years, researchers and professionals in a variety of human services and animal welfare disciplines have established significant correlations between animal abuse..,” Hopman say’s. Fundraising websites also help collect pet donations for animals that are in severe danger of abuse. Unfortunately, donations and fundraisers do not often make enough money to always help the animals that are in need. Most shelters depend on donations, and if there is not enough donations shelters would not be able to provide the proper care for the animals. There are some shelters that have misused the charity donations, and the money did not go into helping the animals. Likewise, donations and fundraisers have helped provide animals with food, medical care, and shelters

Overall, seeing animals in distress, with no home, and uncared for helps people understand what is going on in our world today. With 70 million abused animals in United states the help in shelters, social media, and donations decreases some of the lost population with the animals today. More animals are being rescued than ever before with the support of shelters and animal rescues, these organizations has helped pets from negligence of hurt in our society today.

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