Forms of Animal Abuse

Imagine a tiny puppy, or small kitten in a laboratory being tested on, or used as bait in a dog fight. Well, this is the reality for many animals today. These instances are both forms of animal abuse. This type of abuse comes in many forms like animal testing, neglect, and fighting. Animal abuse is a major problem, but there are ways to fix it.

A problematic form of animal abuse is animal testing. It is used for research, or product testing when there are no willing human volunteers. Animal testing is a major problem today, but a solution has come to light to eliminate the use of animal test subjects in laboratories. Eliminating animal test subjects in laboratories will help animals because fewer animals will be injured, or killed for experimental practices. A alternative to animal is by using “Organs on a Chip” (PETA). “Organs on a Chip” are chips “that contain human cells grown in a state-of-the-art system to mimic the structure and function of human organs and organ systems.” (PETA). This is a solution to the problem of animal testing because these chips are less expensive to maintain unlike animals, the results are easier to predict, and give more precise results. And by using “Organs on a Chip” the elimination of animal test subjects in laboratories may be a more eminent way to fix the problematic form of animal abuse, animal testing.

Another controversial form of animal abuse is animal neglect. Animal neglect is, “The failure to provide basic care required for an animal to thrive.” (ALDF) This form of animal abuse is common in puppy mills, hoarding animals, and the tethering or abandonment of animals. A possible solution to this problem is to instate police like positions in neighborhoods, where people check on animals’ living conditions. This would help because animal owners would improve the living conditions for living conditions for their animals, or they could be fined and even arrested. Many people are also in need of jobs, so those people could fill the positions of “animal police” and could work a job, and earn money. But some people may feel uncomfortable with people coming into their homes and looking around. Also, if someone was doing something illegal within their home, so they might do whatever it takes to not get arrested by the “animal police”. Instating a police like position in neighborhoods, may lead to the prevention of animal neglect.

Last, but not least, a troublesome form of animal abuse is animal fighting, or bloodsport. Animal fighting is, “a staged fight between two or more animals, or between a human and an animal, for the purpose of human entertainment, wagering, or sport.” (ALDF) Types of animal fighting are dogfighting, cockfighting, and bull-baiting. Sometimes, smaller animals are used as bait in these fights. A solution to the problem of animal fighting is to provide background checks on those who wish to adopt animals, to see if they have prior offenses related to animal, or animal fighting. Supplying background checks to those who wish to adopt animals would ensure an animal’s safety, for they would be kept out of that environment. And if a background was provided, the adoption people would see if a home was suitable for the animal. Though this is a trusting solution, there are some cons to this. Like, the process may take a long time, and for some animals, that time is not available. Also, someone may get another identity, so they could not be identified with their prior offenses. Providing background checks for those who wish to adopt would help prevent the troublesome problem of animal fighting.

Overall, animal abuse is a problem today, but there are many solutions and ways to fix it. For example, instating police like positions and providing background checks for those who wish to adopt animals. It is important to recognize the relevance of animal abuse because it could be happening in your neighborhood, right now.

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