Against Animal Abuse

When did animals become things and not living beings.Animals,all animals are living breathing things that should be respected.Take dogs for example,mans best friends but not all people treat these amazing animals or any animals with the respect that they deserve and thats why so many are in shelters or pounds,all helpless.Animals deserve rights,they shouldn’t be abused and should be treated with respect even though they may not seem as “superior” as us, Animal welfare is going down hill.

Animals are sentient and have feelings,like us because they are living things.Animals deserve rights.Speciesism,like racism and sexism,is wrong because animals popular in the meat industry like cows, pigs and chickens suffer ,there is no reason to morally distinguish between humans and non-human animals.U.S law prohibits only the most egregious, extraordinary animal cruelty,but these laws don’t do anything to prevent other animal cruelty or abuse like explorting.No one is asking for animals to have the exact same rights as humans but they should have the rights to not be explorted and at least have basic rights and live somewhat free of everything they have to go thriugh.Animals are being treated like they arent living things and just objects.

Animals should be treated with respect.Using animals for food, clothing, entertainment, experimentation, or any other use is cruel and wrong.Approximately 6.5 million companion animals enter U.S. animal shelters nationwide every year. Of those, approximately 3.3 million are dogs and 3.2 million are cats.Animals are not being treated right and it’s an issue that everywhere in the world is facing.Many animals are in shelters because no one cared for them and treated them badly.Animals are living things and should be cared for because without alll the animals our ecosystem will go down and people kill wildlife and that’s why so many are becoming extinct because us as humans are insensitive to anything who may not seem as smart as us but that’s not and we just won’t know it because we don’t look hard enough.Animal welfare and how they are treated needs to be changed

Animal welfare is going down hill.The Trump administration has decided to withdraw an Obama-era rule that would have set new standards for the way animals should be treated.Animals are being treated badly and it’s a real issue because these animals are being harmed,not cared for and wildlife animals are being killed and that should be urgently addressed.Many animals everywhere are being hurt and dying because no one cared to look and that needs to change.Kids and adults need to be educated about these travisties that happen every day but people look away from something that makes them uncomfortable and that is bad, people should look at the heartbreaking stuff because maybe it will push them to stand upa and fight for what is right.

In conclusion,this topic is very hard to process and may seemalittle un pleasant to talk about all the animals being harmed but if no one talks about it then how will people figure this out and a least try to help animals in need because this is a really heartbreaking thing to talk about, animals should be cared for and be treated with respect like living things and if you ever see an animals in a bad situation you definatley should find a way to help them because animal cruilty is no laughing matter and is important.

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