How Do You See Yourself After 10 Years

Ever since the first time I wondered about the phenomenon how just pushing in a mere switch could make a distant fan move, my interest in electronics could only skyscrap over time. I was introduced to physics as a distinct subject of science in high school and within few classes, I had no doubt what my sheer interest lied upon,and that’s what i have been focusing upon since then. In a period of 10 years from now, I want to see myself as an established engineer in the field of electrical and computer systems. I want to go deep and learn about absolutely anything regarding how electricity works and what new innovations can be made,what new stuffs could be done and dream of implementing my knowledge into something productive that will aid in making our lives better,easier and environmental friendly at the same time. Collectively, I would like to step in the field of research 10 years from now when i am hopefully done with my undergraduate program.Besides, I would like to take over the responsibilities of my family businesses which my father wishes and grow our business further, bringing in more stability.

There goes my little plan on my educational and personal terms, but there is more that i hope to be doing on social platform. I dream to be the voice of the people, march forward in speaking what the people need, what our people want and what could be done in their best interest, even if it demands me to be an activist. Being a member of a family with political background, it is probably a bit from my ‘family genes’ that I have always dreamt of making lucrative contributions to our community, with my grandfather and my elder uncle (a former local MP, bhasha shoinik and freedom fighter in Liberation War 1971) being my idols. I have seen my uncles and my father how they never distant themselves from helping people, especially in times when people have been in dire need which encouraged me to step forward ‘for’ the people. On a smaller scale though, I have tried to positively contribute in the past to the society, doing several volunteer works which included selling flowers to raise money for the deprived children with the aim of building school for them initiated by the Jaago foundation, recycling workshop and environmental campaign ‘I am green’, organized by Earth Club of North South University and some local projects where we distributed food packages,dustbins to the people in need. In 10 years time, I do not want to limit myself into just little contributions like these. I want to be the initiatives by my own and take bigger responsibility.

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