What is most Important to You?

It has always been my dream to study at your university since I began realizing the value of education. Concerning that, I am extremely hopeful that you will grant me the opportunity to pursue my studies there. Additionally, I am confident that it will help me gain knowledge in business, computer science, and life sciences. I would appreciate greatly if given an opportunity to pursue my degree there. I desire to achieve the ultimate personality of being the best version of myself I can transform into and use it to become of great help and benefit not only to me as an individual  but the society at large.

Your university has produced the best entrepreneurs in the society whose presence has great significance in their respective communities. Through my observations, I have realized that there is a recognizable difference with students from other institutions. I like being challenged in my thinking and everyday life.  It is only valid to say that they could not get where they are without proper and high-quality training that shaped them in all aspects to be who they are today. It all points back to a strong foundation in college. When it comes to computer science and life sciences, your college has offered great technical, physical and social support that has seen many people achieve their goals.

In addition to all that, the diverse cultures accommodated at the university I believe will help shape my social life since it presents an opportunity to learn from people of different cultures. I firmly believe that chance at your university will help me tap my potential as an individual and achieve my life goals. Thank you as you consider my application.






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