Cyber Security is not a New Issue


The subject I want to write about for my term paper is Cyber security and how it relates to Saint Leo’s core value of integrity as requested:

“Cyber Security is not a new issue. In fact, there has always been opportunistic people. Since the Internet was opened publicly years ago, security of the Internet was no longer possible. With all the recent hacks security is still not seen by some as essential”.

Cybersecurity or also known as information technology is the process of shielding system networks and programs from cyber-attacks. These types of attacks occur when an individual is trying to access important information, like stealing capital from a user or damaging a company process.

Cyber security

For Someone who works in the cybersecurity department, having a trait like integrity is really important. The reason being is that you don’t want private information, getting out to the wrong hands. You want someone you can trust and can be confident in. Data information get transferred from one place to another on the web. As a result, these important information’s can get compromised. Cyber-attacks like men in the middle attacks is when an attacker secretly effects the communication between individuals, who think that they are interacting with each other. When in reality is being taking advantage of. Protection from these types of attacks is really significant.

Computer Systems

In this day and age, majority of business use computer systems to run their company. Whatever department you are in, no matter where you are you will find something connected with the internet. The web has revolutionized the way people communicate and do business. Banking systems transmit transactions every day around the world, these types of data are really important and needs to be protected. Cyber security is well skilled in learning how the attacker get access to these type of system information and networks. A way to combat these types of attacks is to know how there are done and what is being targeted. Cyber security is relates to Saint Leo core value because it pledges for the individual to be honest and consistent in word and in deed.

Computer Hacks

Information getting leaked from computers can happen in so many different ways, one way that can happen is by an attack called phishing. Phishing are emails that look very similar to that of a bank or any type of company, the reason being is to attract the user’s full undivided attention. These types of emails persuade the user to provide important information, the user unknowingly gave out their information to the wrong person. Important information like login info, username, passwords or even credit/debit card information are now being compromised. The way to avoid these types of problems is to not interact at all with the emails, check the link carefully to see if you can spot any errors from the actual URL.

Mobile Phone Hack

There are so many ways hackers can get access to someone’s important information, one way this can happen is by accessing their mobile phones. Mobile users often think downloading apps from the Google Play store or even in the Apple store are all safe. A lot of these attacks comes from the apps themselves, these malicious apps may contain data that can download virus and malware on their phones. Hackers may get critical information’s without the user’s permission, it is so important to fight these types of attacks. Peoples whole identity can end up in the wrong hands, which can potentially ruin their whole life. Permissions from these types of hacks include contact list, e-mail address, phone numbers, and SMS data which can be used to drain the users balance. The most obvious one would be the microphone permission which can record and save audio without the persons request. So many types of these hackers expose the users GPS info finding out where they stay.

Business Security Breaches

Majority of companies and businesses have firewalls designed to protect their servers. A lot of times all it takes is the slightest bit of mistake to compromise all of their data information. It is so scary how these hackers find ways to hack computer systems. Although they have members that update their programs, that still doesn’t mean there safe from a security breach. Not too long ago a top credit burial security was hack and countless number of people’s important information got leaked.

Computers: Phishing and advertising viruses

Ever since computers been made available to the public, if hackers wanted to get access to important information, they would come up with a variety of ways to get access. In this day and age everyone owns a mobile device, they walk around with all types of important information in the palm of their hands. A mobile device can contain important info from addresses, contacts, financial institution and much more. The biggest threat a user face is when they connected to unknown Wi-Fi networks or web pages. The most popular devices that get hacks are laptops and computers. The reason being is because majority of people interact with them from day to day basis. Hackers gain access to computers whether their on or off, they mess around with the computer’s component.

Malicious Ads

Malicious advertising is the use of permission granted to them from your internet browser. Malicious ads use codes within an advertisement that redirects your system to open its port to their servers. Once this happen the hacker can now download all types of viruses to the computer. Once this take place, they can gain full and direct access of a computer. Which ultimately get all of your important information. There able to transfer data from one place to another, they are very clever with these types of tricks. These computers function as normal but the user no longer has any control of his computer, these types of computers are referred to as zombie computers.


Having integrity in the cybersecurity field is so vital, the stability and trustworthiness of crucial information is important. A user’s information cannot be changed or altered by an unauthorized person such as hackers. Some type of security has to be put in place to prevent some of these things from happening like server crash. Integrity ensure the authenticity in its purest state. For example, imagine you have a business website, now picture an attacker being able to change product info and prices without your permission. In this case integrity was not present in this situation. Often times it can be difficult to stop or even track security breaches it can go a long time without being detected until found by a third party. They have to ensure an accurate back-up and recovery file to a person’s data.

Not all of the advertisement we see on social media sites or webpages are safe. For the average user that wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between a real advertisement or a fake one. A lot of these ads be illegitimate, most large companies are less likely to be targeted with these types of attacks due to their security team. Although they are not excluded into being a victim the slightest slack in security can turn out to be a nightmare. Another type of hack is malvertising that opens up a computers port thru the web browser then it plants the systems info into the registry.

Protections and Solutions

Ever since the invention of the internet security breaches have been compromised, a lot of individuals have fallen to be a victim. These types of hacking have confused users after users, the best way to stop these types of attacks to get and ad blocker or security software for your computer. If the individual takes advantage of this then they are less likely to get exposed by malicious software and viruses. Although the software can only do so much its up for the user to keep a high alert. Making sure they check their internet browser when their online shopping or making important purchases. They have to make sure that the site is secured and encrypt with some form of security.

A business that does not value its integrity of data cannot be successful. They have to make sure that the correct judgment is made when customers making purchases and receiving their items without being in danger of identity theft or fraud. Without integrity business can make huge mistakes and lose a lot of profit. Even worse they reputation can take a huge hit, which the company end up going out of business. A company that cannot protect its customers its image will get scrutinized and won’t be in business for long. Common cyber security practices like monitoring and access control can help the integrity of data system and keep important information classified.

In Conclusion

Even though we live in a time where computers have developed tremendously, with better processors and faster performance. Hackers still tries to developed ways to bypass security and breach them. There are huge companies that deal with a lot of people’s information, without the proper security and proper plan business can be ruined ultimately individuals’ lives can be ruin. Identity theft are happening every day and it’s up to us to put up a fight and get our since of security back. With the help of cyber security, we have changed the way people secure their information. Integrity plays a big role every day in these types of situations and circumstances cybersecurity goes hand and hand with saint Leos core of value Integrity.

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