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Book Analysis: Sharp Objects Army

For my book analysis, I read Gillian Flynn’s Sharp Objects. Sharp Objects is a book about Camille Preaker, a journalist from Chicago who is headed to her hometown to cover a murder case. Camille goes through a lot of stress in the book, as she reminisces over the terrible things that happened in her childhood, […]

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Sharp Reporting Culture and Dignity

My Army Career started as a junior in High School in 1983 till 1989, with the Field Artillery out of Glasgow Ky. In the ‘80s SHARP programs were not present and harassment on Military installations and off post were very high. At that time, it was “A man’s Army” and many jokes about gays and […]

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An Increase in The Number of Sexual Assaults in The Army

Sexual assault training and the Army seem to go hand in hand, so why does this egregious crime seem to still run rampant through our ranks? The Department of Defense (DoD) defines sexual assault as intentional sexual contact, characterized by use of force, physical threat, or abuse of power when the victim does not or […]

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The Greatest Massacre All in The Name of God: The Sharp Holy Wars

It all started on November 27th, 1095. Pope Urban II stood at the council of Clermont and delivered a powerful speech that instilled the people of medieval Europe with the spirit of God himself. A speech so moving that it convinced people to murder, reclaim the Holy Land so that all of their sin would […]

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United States Armed Forces With a Special Emphasis on The Army Itself

The Military has always been a dream of mine that I have been longing to fulfill ever since joining JROTC at my old high school. There are numerous reasons on why I want to be part of the most dominant force the world has ever seen, the United States armed forces with a special emphasis […]

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My Experience in The Army

Moving to Austin,Texas I’ve met a lot of veterans compared to the small amount I met in Houston. In Houston all the veterans that I met was at my previous job Panera Bread and they were mostly middle aged. Here in Austin on the other hand, most of the friends I’ve made are veterans and […]

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Sexual Harassment Attack Prevention or (Sharp)

Since the implementation of the Army’s Sexual Harassment Assault Response Prevention program or (SHARP) the Army has strived to uphold its mission statement: “Enhance Army readiness through the prevention of sexual assault, sexual harassment, and associated retaliatory behaviors while providing comprehensive response capabilities” Within the Army we are an ever evolving machine, this machine like […]

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Military Violence Prevention and The Sharp Program

“It’s not what we do because it’s not who we are.” This is the cultural change the U.S. Army is striving to achieve. In response to an increasing concern regarding sexual harassment and assault in the military, the Department of Defense (DoD) has implemented several measures to enhance the prevention, surveillance and reporting of sexual […]

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Sexual Assault Sexual Harassment Response Program Sharp

SHARP is an active program that is in place to eliminate the root cause and underlining issues of the armed forces. The Army’s goal is mission readiness, mission success, and Soldiers morale but sexual crimes are main factors that decrease the readiness of the force. In addition, with this, these are criminal acts and unmoral […]

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Sexual Harassment or Assault in The Army

When someone comes forward with an allegation about sexual misconduct, people often downplay the incident or deny it outright. As Soldiers we like to think that we hold ourselves and each other to a higher standard than this, but that is not always the case. It is not always easy to see why victims of […]

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Everything at Your Fingertips: The Swiss Army Knife 

In my daily life, it is always good to have a Swiss army knife within reach. That’s right, a Swiss army knife in my pocket can make my life easier. From helping me uncork a bottle of wine to my romantic date, to helping me when I forgot the keys to my car, the Swiss […]

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Laws and Regulations for Sexual Harassment in The Army

The Manual for Courts-Martial outlines the purpose of Military Law. The source of military jurisdiction include the constitution and international law. Military Law consists of the statutes governing the military establishments and regulations. The purpose of military law is to promote justice, to assist in maintaining good order and disipline in the Armed Forces. Appendix […]

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Shart Training Are Not a Failure

A massive organization such as the Army plays an important role in defending the American way of life. Though there are many external dangers in our line of work we are highly vulnerable to the threats that are within our organization. Sexual assault has no place in our professional organization as it is a cancer […]

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The Problematic of The Sexual Harassment

The elimination of sexual harassment has been a long-standing goal of the United States Army. During recent years the issue of sexual harassment has received significant political and media attention in both government and private sectors. This heightened awareness on the cause of sexual harassment has intensified national debate on prevention strategies. The Army has […]

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Basic Training: Sexual Harassment and Other Gender Issues

The United States of America has come to depend on their massive military machine throughout its relatively short history. During the Revolutionary war, only men fought bravely on the bloody battlefields of New England, while the women performed their much-needed duties at home. They ran the household, and tended to their flocks, while their loved […]

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The War Against Sexual Harassment in The Military

Usually, when people think about the military they think about the actual wars the soldiers are fighting. Very rarely do people think about the unspoken war that is being fought between fellow soldiers; that war is sexual harassment. It is very common in the military for women to be sexually harassed by fellow soldiers and […]

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Since Feb. 6 2004 the army has implemented ways of stopping sexual assault/harassment. Although these methods have seemed to make more cases known, they haven’t necessarily weaved out the actual problem itself. Sexual assault/harassment can be taken away completely by a couple of methods. Higher repercussions, more knowledge on the situation, and less tolerance for potential incidents will help put a stop to sexual assault/harassment.

Sexual assault happens in the military due to leadership structure, according to recent service members who has dealt with sexual assault. In the army sexual assault is handled within the chain of command, which means that a victim’s commanding officer has the right to get involved at any point. Chain of command can stop an investigation reduce a sentence or even stop conviction.

The D.O.D Enclosure 1 Department of the Army shows its case synopses. In these cases the punishments are almost laughable. The repercussions vary from 30 days of duty without pay to discharge. These are punishments that are handed out are not enough. Soldiers should fear the punishment. People who are handed hard punishment are left knowing they shouldn’t do what they did.

The army would like to say sharp is working, but between 2016 and 2017 there was an increase 4.4 per 1000 in 2016 and 4.7 per 1000 in 2017. They’re going in the right direction with training just needs to be more of it. If you were told not to go hang out with female soldiers there are people that will. That needs to be the start, stop actions like this.