Essay about ‘julius Caesar’

Power and the Responsibility of the Government

In Julius Caesar, we can see that power and responsibility of the government is very important. Julius Caesar was a King of his country. All he needed was support from his people but some people didn’t want to give him that.It doesn’t matter. Let no statues Be decorated with Caesar’s trophies. “I’ll go around And scatter the rest of the commoners. Do the same yourself wherever they are forming a crowd. These growing feathers that we pull from Caesar’s wing Will make him fly at an ordinary height, When otherwise he would soar too high to be seen and keep us all under him and afraid.” So power and responsibility of and government can go very far. This is why having a support system in your government is good. Then later got murdered by some of his boys. They murdered him because they were jealous of what he had. They wanted the power that Caesar had.

On his funeral Brutus was talking to the people and he had made it a responsibility to brainwash the people that killing Caesar was a good thing to do to Rome. So Antony was not going to fall for that he used his power and stood against what they did. So once Antony used his power he had the people causing havoc in the city and burning houses down. I believe if they would’ve had a support system and better security, none of this would be happening.

Benazir Bhutto family was always in the government so she already into politics at a very young age. Her grandfather was the leader and once he died her father took over. But sadly do to the power of the government he was hung to his death. So since the power of the government is so strong she couldn’t really do a lot of things because of her husband. Her husband was always in trouble with the law. So that put her family in jeopardy because they were on house arrest so she couldn’t run to be the leader. The government did nothing to try to fix their government. So Beanzir Bhutto was going to make that her responsibility. In our times an individual’s education, intelligence and wisdom creates cumulatively the wealth of a nation. Therefore the investment in an individual, through education and health, will determine the quality of our society and the future of our people.

To conclude this Julius Caesar and Benazir Bhutto they were both strong people in weak governments. They were people who had a lot of potential to do great things with their country but since their government was so weak they had got killed by people who hated them or wanted what they have.

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